10 Security Checks Before You Choose Cloud Hosting

One of the biggest benefits that cloud hosting provides to businesses is its ability to handle the security, backup, and support all by itself and allows the company to concentrate on the business end of things.

Cloud computing has emerged as the leading solution for:

  1. Businesses seeking to cut storage costs

  2. Ensuring that day-to-day tasks are streamlined

  3. Eliminating the need for excessive hardware or IT personnel.

With an ever growing number of companies opting for cloud-based storage, there is a growing concern whether businesses are truly getting their money’s worth with cloud-based providers. Here are 10 security essentials that you should absolutely look out for when going for cloud enabled IT solutions.

Cloud security

  1. #1: Review the cloud hosting company’s testimonials

  2. #2: Opt for a Trial Session

  3. #3: Transparency in services

  4. #4: Disaster Recovery Management

  5. #5: The Success Mantra

  6. #6: Contract flexibility and price protection

  7. #7: Integration capabilities on offer

  8. #8: Know your cloud’s security layers

  9. #9: Data transport costs

  10. #10: Should be Platform Agnostic

#1: Review the cloud hosting company’s testimonials

While many cloud hosting companies make tall claims, you can verify a good company from an ordinary one by reading user reviews. Third-party confirmations such as awards and accolades as well as solid proof in the form of verification from other users are a good sign. Request the cloud vendor to provide additional customer references and also do a quick run through on review sites to see if the cloud services meet the expectations.

#2: Opt for a Trial Session

Generally, top cloud hosting companies provide a free trial for users to test before making a purchase. If the cloud vendor doesn’t have a trial on the site, request for one via the contact information page. If the services are as good as they say, they should have no problem in allowing you to try out their services.

Explain in detail that you would like to be fully satisfied with their services before you go ahead and make a large investment.