10 Tips to Build a Successful Software Business

The software industry continues to expand as more and more businesses enter the cloud-based services space. According to a report published back in March, The Gartner CRM Guide, over 50 percent of customer-relationship management deployments were deployed purely as software-as-a-service (SaaS) in 2015, with the same number surpassing 80 percent by 2025.

Someone probably said it right, “Software as a service is eating up the world”!

If you are someone googling around to get some guidelines for building a successful software business, here is a roundup of the proven 10 tips to help you do so. Using these tips in the proper way, you can create a successful business in the ever-expanding software industry.


  1. The KISS Rule (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

  2. Provides Multiple Packages

  3. Define, Analyze, Measure, Revive And Then Control

  4. Cultivate An Ecosystem

  5. Focus On Right Amount Of Professional Services

  6. Commitment To Customer’s Success

  7. Your Dashboard Matters

  8. Manage Incentives

  9. Growth Is The King

  10. Leading To Profitability

The KISS Rule (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

SaaS products are generally self served, hence, should be self explanatory, clean, concise, simple, yet highly intuitive. You don’t have to make it appear like something too complicated or with high-level descriptions. Sales and marketing collateral need to focus on value, ROI, and use flows; not features, introduction, or technology.

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Provides Multiple Packages

The basic entry-point every SaaS offers should be always kept free, as much as possible. It should be kept limited in usage volume, time, or functionality, however. Recommended is to additionally offer two or more paid packages alongside, based according to different customers needs and segments with different capabilities, ROI, usability, and of course, willingness to pay.