10 Tips to Speed Up iPhone or iPad After iOS 11 Slows It Down

The most awaited update for iDevice users, iOS 11 is now finally available to the public, making iDevices better than before. It is packed full of new amazing features and enhancements, that combine to dramatically improve the iPhone and iPad experience. However, some users have some complaints about the new iOS version. There are mixed reports that updating to iOS 11 has slowed down their iOS devices, or that performance of tasks like opening and interacting with apps is slower after installing iOS 11.


Has your iPhone or iPad’s performance also taken a hit with the move to iOS 11? Here we have outlined few tricks to speed up your device again. Learn how to speed things back up.

  1. Just Updated to iOS 11? Have Some Patience and Wait

  2. How to Speed Up iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad?

  3. 1. Delete apps you no longer use

  4. 2. Update iOS and Apps to the Newest Version

  5. 3. Disable/Turn off Unnecessary Features

  6. 4. Use a Simple Wallpaper

  7. 5. Embrace HEIF

  8. 6. Free Up Space on Your iDevice

  9. 7. Restart/ Force Reboot your device

  10. 8. Reset iOS System Settings

  11. 9. Reset your iPhone

  12. 10. Backup & Restore iOS

  13. Downgrade from iOS 11 to iOS 10

  14. Conclusion:

Just Updated to iOS 11? Have Some Patience and Wait

First things first. If you just updated an iPhone or iPad to iOS 11, your phone is going to slow down and your battery life will take a hit for at least a day or two. After that, you will see a marked improvement in speed and battery life, probably.

This happens because, when a major software update arrives on your device, iOS will re-index everything, leading to the feeling the device is slowed because of the increased background activity being performed. So just have some patience. Leave the device plugged overnight, and let it complete whatever system behavior is necessary.

How to Speed Up iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad?

There could be several reasons why your iPhone wouldn’t be running smoothly. For instance, it could be due to tons of junk files, outdated apps, and even unnecessary features. Let’s have a look at few tricks to make your iPhone/iPad run faster on iOS 11.

Many of these tricks can also positively impact battery, so if you’re having iOS 11 battery life problems, then you may find some cross-benefit to this approach as well.

1. Delete apps you no longer use

Apps take up