100 Best Wi-Fi Names For Your Router! Which One Are You Picking?

Bought a brand new router? Want a catchy name for your network SSID(Service Set Identifier)? Can’t think of any? Then you’ve reached the right place! All of us want our Wi-Fi names to be attractive and interesting, holding some message. You must choose your SSID in such a way that it makes easy for you to identify your network when you need to connect new devices to it. Also, it provides a brief moment of amusement for your friends when they browse for connectable networks.

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Catch up the best of Wi-Fi names in here –

100 Best Wi-Fi Names

  1. Winternet Is Coming

  2. Silence of the LANS

  3. Connect and Die

  4. No Wi-Fi For You

  5. Take it, Beggar

  6. The Wi-fi in the North

  7. Hack Me, Bro

  8. House LANnister

  9. Ping’s Landing

  10. You are Hacked

  11. Pay $1 per hour

  12. FBI Surveillance Van #594

  13. Benjamin FrankLAN

  14. The Net starring Sandra Bullock

  15. Martin Router King

  16. John’s full name in CAPS, no space

  17. I hate my neighbour

  18. The Promised LAN

  19. Clean up your dog shit

  20. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-LAN

  21. A Lannister Always Surfs The Net


  23. Click here for Internet

  24. I Believe Wi Can Fi

  25. Yell for Password

  26. Help! I’m trapped in a Router

  27. You pay now

  28. Dora the Internet Explorer

  29. 2girls1router

  30. John Wilkes Bluetooth

  31. Wireless GangBang

  32. Get your own damn Wi-Fi

  33. Titanic Syncing

  34. Click here, Nigga

  35. Connecting…

  36. Free for one day

  37. Porque-Fi

  38. 404 Wi-Fi Unavailable

  39. Abraham Linksys

  40. Virus-infected Wi-Fi

  41. EverydayImBuffering

  42. Very slow internet, huh!