12 Cool Features You Should Be Using in iPhone Photos App

The Photos app in iOS may look like a simple thing. But underneath that, there is an app that allows for a surprisingly wide variety of options, ranging from the ability to keep your photos and videos organized, apply Instagram-like filters, convert live photos into GIFs or to drag and drop photos from one album to another.


Some of its most useful and interesting features aren’t evident, or obvious to use. Some of them are a little trickier to find. So, we have compiled a few of them here. Let’s take a look at all of these cool features below.

  1. 1. Mark up your Photos after Clicking them

  2. 2. Find the Regular Version of a Depth Effect (Portrait Mode) Photo

  3. 3. Convert Live Photos into GIFs

  4. 4. Choose the Best Frame from a Live Photo

  5. 5. Extract a Still Shot from a Live Photo

  6. 6. Drag and Drop Photos from one Album to another

  7. 7. Use an iPhone photo as an Apple Watch face

  8. 8. Name People in your Photos for Easy Searching

  9. 9. Remove People or Faces from People album

  10. 10. Merge People or Faces in People Album

  11. 11. Add New People or Faces to People Album

  12. 12. Hide People or Faces in the People Album

1. Mark up your Photos after Clicking them

Markup is a fantastic feature that has been available in several apps for a while, but now it’s fully integrated into Photos app. The excellent Markup ability in iOS allows iPhone users to write, draw, and markup on any picture stored on their device. It offers a nice way to highlight or emphasize something on an image.

But this feature is tucked away behind a nondescript button option in the photos editing features of iOS, so many users can overlook the markup ability without ever knowing it exists.

  1. Open the Photos app, choose the picture you want to edit and tap on it.

  2. Tap the editing slider button (three lines with three dot icons) in the bottom toolbar.