13 Google Maps for Android Tricks That’ll Change How You Navigate

Are you really using all that Google Maps has to offer? Now it’s time you did! Google Maps has grown over the years and so have its features. It is now way more than just a digital replica of a paper map and you can get way more out of. But most of us are only scratching the surface of what they have to offer. There are some tricks hiding that you never ran into that will change the way you navigate.

Google Maps Tips And Tricks For Android You Need To Know (2)

Sure, you can use it like a map, but its way more powerful if you learn how to save places offline, taking advantage of navigation, improve the information by adding details, and mastering other tricks, etc. Below are 13 tips and tricks for getting most out of the Google Maps on your Android. Some of these are big time savers, while others simply give you more options in configuring Maps to work the way you want it.

  1. 1. Long Press the blue button to Navigate Quicker

  2. 2. Double Tap and Hold to Zoom

  3. 3. Add Labels to Locations

  4. 4. Save Maps for Offline Use

  5. 5. i) Tap the Compass to Change Your View

  6. ii) Use Advanced Swipes to get Better Views

  7. 6. See Where You’ve Been

  8. 7. Adjust your Depart or Arrive Time for Public Transit

  9. 8. Add your home and work Addresses:

  10. 9. Navigate Inside Malls

  11. 10. Send Directions to Your Phone

  12. 11. Find local favorites

  13. 12. Add a Pit Stop & Check Gas Prices

  14. 13. Check Your Speed & Speed Limits

1. Long Press the blue button to Navigate Quicker

Long Press to Navigate Quicker - Google Maps Tips And Tricks For Android You Need To Know

When you look up for a location in Google Maps, a blue button appears in the bottom right that you can tap to view the different ways of navigating there.

Sometimes you don’t really care how you get there, but that you get there as efficiently as possible. Hence, to quickly launch into navigation, simply long-press the blue button when you select a location — Maps will then start navigation to that place from your current location and take the fastest route possible. No messing with start points or routes, just long-press that button and go. It works for all navigation options like public transit and biking as well.

2. Double Tap and Hold to Zoom

Double tap to zoom - Google Maps Tips And Tricks For Android You Need To Know

This is a simple one, but it’s a game-changer for one-handed usage. Google Maps doesn’t require you pinch the screen with two fingers in order to zoom. Instead, try double tapping on a location to zoom partially in on that spot.

In addition, you can hold that second tap and slide your finger up to zoom in or slide your finger down to zoom out. So that’s “tap, tap, and hold, swipe up or down.”

3. Add Labels to Locations

Add labels to places - Google Maps Tips And Tricks For Android You Need To Know

You probably aware that you can “Star” items to save them for later in My Places, but do you also know that you can add labels to places? Yes, you can create labels for different places that you find which you can then re-visit later from ‘Your places’ without relying on search to find them every single time. You can also label your home and work address, which helps Maps and Google Now give you estimated travel times when planning a route.

Note that you can’t add labels to real places that are already registered in Google Maps (such as Malls, theaters, offices, etc). For example – When you visit a Mall and want to remember where it is, you can ‘Star’ it to appear under Your Places.  You can’t add a label to that place because it already has a name. On the other hand, let’s say you visit a relative’s house (which obviously doesn’t have their address registered in Google Maps), you can add a Label to that place and name it “Relative’s house” and it will also appear under Your Places.