15 Best Micro Job Sourcing Sites for Freelancers (2019)

More options can often enable you to make much better decisions.

As a freelancer, you’re likely looking for ideal projects on a regular basis.

Now if you only have a couple of micro job sourcing platforms to choose from, then this severely limits the diversity of your decisions …

And this restricts you to just a few possibilities, opportunities and results.

So you wouldn’t want that now, would you?

But how exactly can you avoid this problem?

Well it’s really simple — you just need a bigger list of micro job sourcing sites, right?

Though that won’t surely improve the likelihood of getting the best results now, would it?

Well this notion can’t be any further from the truth.

However, you’re advised to use a carefully hand-picked list of ideal micro job sourcing sites that exactly matches your parameters.

And before you begin to review each item in this list, you’re recommended to learn more current facts and figures about this industry.

This alone can drastically optimize your chances of getting viable results from your decision.

So let’s start!

  1. Micro Job Sourcing Industry Facts & Figures by Numbers

  2. Top 15 Micro Job Sourcing Sites of the Year

  3. Upwork

  4. Fiverr

  5. Amazon Mechanical Turk (Mturk)

  6. Clickworker

  7. Crowdsource

  8. Microworkers

  9. SEOClerks

  10. GigBucks

  11. Envato Studio

  12. ProBlogger Marketplace

  13. PeoplePerHour

  14. Task Rabbit

  15. RapidWorkers

  16. Freelancer

  17. Various Web Forums & Online Communities

  18. How Can You Quickly Get Better Freelance Projects & Remote Jobs?

Micro Job Sourcing Industry Facts & Figures by Numbers

There’s a lot of demand for freelancing services and outsourced labor at the moment.

In a recent report this year, Forbes said “Many businesses are turning to outsourced services more now than ever before.”

Also through this survey last year, Upwork and Freelancers Union found out that a total of more than 1 billion hours each week are used in the USA for freelancing activities.

But what are many of these businesses currently looking for?

It turns out that a majority of them is searching for the best talent in industries like ICT (information and communications technology), media publishing, retail, health and pharmaceuticals.

This is according to this global BPO report in 2017 …

And how much on average are freelancers earning today?

Well leading digital payment processing firm Payoneer says, “Across all fields and regions, the average freelance fee is $19 an hour.”

2016 Freelancers Survey by UpWork and Freelancers Union