15 Best Selling Premium WordPress Themes This 2019

Imagine going back in time to 2003 when WordPress was first released.

WordPress 0.71-gold came with a default b2layout and just 2 templates for handling comments.

There was a rather unattractive sidebar and a plain header.

While this doesn’t sound all that appealing now, in its day, this was the bees knees!

Compared with other personal publishing platforms, WordPress was simple and easy to modify.

Its minimalist approach was more suitable for the speed of the Internet in those days.

But when WordPress 1.5 was released, Webmasters and developers marveled at how more than one theme could be used.

They began talking more about WordPress as a CMS.

And you could say this was when the WordPress Community began.

Users gave feedback, filed bug reports and started expressing what they liked to see.

All this allowed WordPress to develop a platform that its users wanted.

And today, WordPress has conquered the world.

More than 27% of all websites on the Internet today’s powered by WordPress.

It’s the fastest-growing Web publishing software.

WordPress 5.2 was released in April of 2009.

Now we can marvel at how far the software has come.

So here we’re going to focus on themes, rather than plugins.

We use themes when we want to change or update the layout and style of our page.

Meanwhile, we use plugins when we want to add features.

It’s more about how the site functions, rather than how it looks.

Some say WordPress sites are all the same, but we beg to differ.

With so many free and premium themes, there must be an almost infinite number of design combinations to make your site stand out from others.

The trick is customizing the theme to add a splash of your own creativity.

But before we delve into particular premium Themes to watch out for this year, let’s take a closer look at some fascinating WordPress theme statistics.

  1. Premium WordPress Themes by Numbers

  2. Pros & Cons of Premium WordPress Themes

  3. Top 15 Premium WordPress Themes of the Year

  4. 1. Divi

  5. 2. Genesis

  6. 3. Avada

  7. 4. Uncode

  8. 5. TheGem

  9. 6. The7

  10. 7. Newspaper 9

  11. 8. Jevelin

  12. 9. Sprout & Spoon

  13. 10. Eduma

  14. 11. BigSlam

  15. 12. Financity

  16. 13. Ekko

  17. 14. Petie

  18. 15. Hudson

Premium WordPress Themes by Numbers

The WordPress theme directory has over 3000 free themes.

Sceptermarketing produced an in-depth report of themes.

They calculated 211 companies producing a total of 31,010 paid themes.

And here’s a breakdown of companies that created over 1000 themes:

  1. Mojo Marketplace — 1198

  2. InkThemes — 1800

  3. Flexithemes — 2235

  4. TemplateMonster — 2655

  5. CreativeMarket — 3752