17 Best Remote Project Management Tools for Freelancers & Start-ups (2019)

The right remote work tools can save you a lot of time and effort.

These include the most suitable tech hardware, home office equipment, digital programs, and access to certain Web platforms for your specific duties.

Now, these solutions can significantly improve your productivity, both for your professional and personal activities.

In their 2018 Remote Work Statistics Survey, TalentLMS says the top 3 tools that respondents use are for communicating with their colleagues and peers.

TalentLMS Remote Work Statistics: The apps remote workers use

Meanwhile, cloud file-sharing platforms and collaboration programs are in positions 4 and 5, respectively.

Also, this applies when you’re an employer with a virtual workplace.

The ideal equipment and tools for your off-site staff and in-house personnel can optimize your back and front end systems for your day-to-day business activities.

In turn, this is known to promote employee engagement across your virtual and on-site teams.

For example, this 2017 Forbes report says, “A Harvard Business Review research study found that 87% of remote workers feel they’re still connected to their employers through video conferencing.”

So they’re saying that video chat programs and most likely other communication tools make nearly 9 out of 10 off-site workers feel more engaged as they work remotely.

Plus, there have been several recent studies that seek to find if there’s a correlation between remote arrangements and workforce productivity.

And, it turns out that more than a third of virtual employees say they’re more productive when they work off-site, as opposed to their daily output while working as in-house staff.

But there’s just a huge diversity of devices, platforms, and apps for effectively performing various business activities through a virtual workplace.

So let’s first take a look at which remote tools are being used by a greater majority of off-site workers all around the world today:

  1. Widespread Adoption of Popular Remote Work Tools by Numbers

  2. Categories of Today’s Most Widely Used Remote Work Tools

  3. Video, Voice & Text Chat Applications

  4. Task & Project Management Platforms

  5. File Organizers & Cloud Storage Tools

  6. Productivity Software

  7. Time & Performance Tracking Applications

  8. Digital Marketing & Social Media Tools

  9. Top 17 Remote Work Tools of 2019

  10. CATEGORY: Video, Voice & Text Chat Applications

  11. CATEGORY: Task & Project Management Platforms

  12. CATEGORY: File Organizers & Cloud Storage Tools