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20+ Best Egg Puns — Fresh off the Pan Eggtastic Puns!

Totally new, fresh and hot from the pan. ATB presents over twenty new egg puns for you. I hope you feel eggsellent by the end of the puns list!

Mad Craic Comedy

Here are the best egg puns:

  1. Why did the man order an Omelette?

  2. He heard it was eggsellent!

  3. Why doesn’t the shopkeeper buy giant eggs?

  4. He can’t afford the eggsize duty.

  5. What did Kanye West say after he interrupted the egg?

  6. Omelette you speak.

  7. Why couldn’t the chicken find her egg?

  8. It was poached during the night.

  9. Did you hear the British have stopped selling protein to the EU?

  10. They’re calling it Breggsit.

  11. Why do the kids fill the river with eggs?

  12. I don’t know, but it is very egg stream.

  13. Why did the teacher punish the misbehaving egg?

  14. To make an eggsample out of him.

  15. What do you call a knowledgeable chicken?

  16. An eggspert.

  17. What do you call an egg that spends 2 weeks outside the fridge?

  18. Eggspired

  19. Why did the mother egg tell her son to calm down?

  20. He was getting too eggscited.

  21. An egg walks into a bar and tries to order a drink.

  22. The bartender says, “we have stopped serving, but for you, I can make an eggsception.”

  23. Why did the chicken leave the farm?

  24. He was eggsiled.

  25. MAN 1: Do you like egg puns?

  26. MAN 2: I don’t know, can you give me an eggsample.

  27. Why aren’t people scared of Alien eggs?

  28. Because they don’t eggsist.

  29. Why couldn’t the egg watch TV?

  30. The channels were scrambled.

  31. What does an egg do when it can’t meet a deadline?

  32. Ask for an eggstention.

  33. Why was the chicken surprised when she laid an egg?

  34. She wasn’t eggspecting it.

  35. Why doesn’t the egg have a driver’s license?

  36. He didn’t pass the eggsam.

  37. What isn’t Chicken Run on Amazon?

  38. It’s a Netflix eggsclusive.

  39. What is a chicken’s favorite web application?

  40. Microsoft Eggsel

  41. Did you hear Steve Martin is doing a sequel to Cheaper by the Dozen where he has a 13th child?

  42. It’s called “Cheaper by the Bakers dozen.”

  43. Why does the IRS hate chickens?

  44. They are tax eggsempt.

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