25 Free Basic Software Programs Every Windows User Must Have

As we all know, Windows is one of the most widely used operating systems. So today, I am presenting to you an exclusive list of 25+ basic programs for Windows users. Let’s assume you just bought a new system or formatted your computer and if you don’t have any idea which software programs you should install on your computer, then this post is going to be a boon for you.

Don’t worry, leave the job to me. I collected a huge list of programs which are sufficient for 95% of Windows users. It took me several hours to collect them and present them to you. Hope you like it and let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions.

  1. Download and Install Windows 10

  1. 25 Useful Software Programs  for Windows Users:

  2. 1.Good Antivirus:-

  3. 2.Vlc Media Player

  4. 3. Registry Cleaners/Tune up Utilities:-

  5. 4. Image Burner(Nero):-

  6. 5. Firefox and Google Chrome:-

  7. 6. MS Office / Open Office:-

  8. 7. Adobe Reader

  9. 8. 7 Zip

  10. 9. Internet Download Manager

  11. 10. Utorrent

  12. 11.Adobe Photoshop/GIMP:-

  13. 12. Revo Uninstaller:-

  14. 13. Adobe Flash Player

  15. 14. Malware Bytes

  16. 15. Zone Alarm Firewall

  17. 16. Team Viewer

  18. 17. Notepad++

  19. 18. Folder Lock