4 Simple Ways to Clear Cache Data on your Android Device

Cache Data is the data stored in cache memory for future requests for that data for a fast user experience. And when a phone’s memory is full with all the apps, photos, and videos, the device becomes slow. Removing cache data can free up some space and even boost the system performance. Deleting cache data doesn’t cause any problem to the system as it is automatically generated and it is recommended to delete the cache data whenever your phone becomes slow and there’s a need to boost the speed of the device.

Check out the all the methods of clearing the cache data on your Android device in the below section.

  1. 1. Clear all Cached Data

  2. 2.Clear a particular App’s Cache Data

  3. 3. Use Android Cleaner Apps

  4. 4. Use Recovery to Clear Cache

1. Clear all Cached Data

If you feel that your phone’s space is almost over and your phone’s speed is dropped to a maximum extent then it is recommended that you clear the cache data of all the apps. In order to clear the cache data, one of the technique is, first go to your phone Settings and then tap the Storage & memory or Storage settings.


After selecting the Storage and Memory option, select the Storage & USB option. Then you will be navigated to the Internal Storage section which displays all the information about the apps, images, videos, audio and cache data that is occupying the space on your phone’s memory.


Now tap the Cached data among all the other options. After selecting the cached data you will be prompted that “This will clear cached data for all apps.” Click on OK.


This will delete all apps cache data and provides you some extra space for your apps or pictures.

2.Clear a particular App’s Cache Data

If a particular app is taking a lot of cache space on your Android phone then it is recommended to clear the app’s cache from time-to-time. To remove a specific app’s cache data first go to Settings and in there tap the Apps option.


And in the Apps section, select a specific app for which you want to clear the cache. You will be navigated to that particular Apps info section.


Tap the Storage option after which you will be provided with two options of  Clear Data and Clear Cache. Tap the Clear Cache option.


This will remove the cache data of that app.

3. Use Android Cleaner Apps

One more method to clear all the cache data is to use third-party cleaner apps. The cleaner apps are the apps which free up the storage space by removing junk, residual and cache files which slows down your phone and boosts the phone and memory speed and optimizes your system performance. There are many cleaner apps available in the Google Play store such as Clean Master, Cache Cleaner, Power Clean and etc.


4. Use Recovery to Clear Cache

Before using this method, make a note that this technique is an advanced procedure which should be done after having a full knowledge of the procedure and we are not responsible if your device is damaged. We recommend you to proceed with the following steps only if you are experienced in rooting your android device or after learning the procedure through different sources for your particular device.


If your device is acting strange and isn’t responding properly then you can use this method of clearing system cache from the bootloader. This procedure may vary for different smartphones.

  1. First, power off your device.

  2. Even though this is said already, don’t forget to check the exact procedure for your mobile because it may vary for different devices. After switching off your mobile, Load the Bootloader screen using a combination of keys such as Power Button and Volume buttons simultaneously.

  3. Use Volume keys for navigating between options in case Touchscreen didn’t work.

  4. Select the Recovery option.

  5. Go to Wipe cache partition to clear the cache.

  6. Now the cache data on your mobile gets cleared. Select Reboot system now to restart the device.

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