4 Ways to Protect the Most Breakable iPhone X

With a starting price of $999 / £999 / AU$1,579 and being branded as “the most breakable iPhone ever“, the iPhone X is a phone you will want to protect more than anything else. And it sure will break your heart when your brand new iPhone X breaks. With the bezel-less design and all glass back the device is potentially more susceptible to damage than its predecessors.

iPhone X-protection

And Apple charges a whole lot of $279 for screen repair of iPhone X if it breaks. Though it’s cheaper than the exorbitant price of iPhone X, it will be a lot better if you do not break your iPhone in the first place because prevention is better than cure, right?

So, here are the four ways to protect your investment on iPhone X.

  1. Accessories to get a Grip

  2. Durable Case

  3. Screen Protector

  4. Insurance

Accessories to get a Grip

The screen size and the grip of the phone are indirectly proportional to each other. As the size of the phone increases, it won’t fit in your hands and the probability of dropping the phone increases. To avoid slipping the phone from your hands, there are various accessories available in the market to provide a tight grip on your phones such as pop sockets, Spigen style rings, lazy hands and ninja loops.


Pop sockets are very popular and they are self-adhesive plastic discs that pop out which gives a two-fingered grip when stuck to the back of your phone. Spiegen style rings are similar to pop sockets except that the adhesive disc is attached to a ring to provide grip.

Lazy-Hands is a finger loop gripper accessory which sticks to the back of your phone. Similar to gloves, you put your fingers into the sockets available in the Lazy hands to get a grip. Another Accessory named Love Handle is also available which is similar to Lazy-Hands except that it doesn’t contain separate slots for all the fingers. There’s only one loop available to get the grip. One more accessory available is Ninja Loop which looks like a piece of cloth that stretches from camera to the edge of the phone.


However, all these accessories are available for other devices too apart from iPhone X.

Durable Case

After getting a tight grip on your phone, you need to make sure the