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5 ideas you should keep in mind to sell an online course

Holidays are over for many and, after a well-deserved rest, we are facing the best moment of motivation to undertake and begin to fulfill our resolutions. Online education is a market that is booming, but the promotion of your course is essential for your work to be rewarded. If you want to know how to sell a course online, keep reading.

If you are already wondering how to sell a successful online course, you are in the right place. Today we will share with you some secrets that you should keep in mind when launching your digital product.

  1. 1. Discover the possibilities of your market to know how to sell an online course

  2. 2. What will be the format of your online course?

  3. Ebooks

  4. Video classes

  5. Podcasts

  6. Custom

  7. 3. Create your own platform to sell your courses online

  8. 4. Promote your online course

  9. 5. Your customers are your best publicity

1. Discover the possibilities of your market to know how to sell an online course

If you have decided and you are clear, this should be the first step to start planning your course. The right choice of your target audience and your market will be closely related to the success or failure of your online course. In this step, you must analyze the niche market that you think can provide you with better sales results. Start by making a list of interests and keywords related to the theme of your course. You can use tools such as Keyword Planner or SEMrush, which will offer you a list of related keywords and the volume of searches of each of them. And if you ask for our recommendation, we would recommend MasterStudy LMS plugin. What is it? Why do we recommend MasterStudy Best LMS Plugin?

This is an additional plugin service that is very useful in creating online course sites. With 24/7 support, various features, and demos ready to use, you don’t need to be an experienced IT expert to optimize your online course site. If you are really serious about your project, then you should try Lessons Video Streaming, a feature not found in other plugin services.

email, email marketing, newsletter

The advantage of the Internet is the large number of formats that exist to create online courses. Always keep in mind that there is no ideal format; everything will depend on how you think your audience will perceive it better.


Ebooks, or digital books, are one of the most used and popular formats for selling online courses. The advantage is that they are very adaptable and ask to be read on any electronic device such as computers, smartphones, e-readers or tablets, or be printed to be able to read them as a traditional book.

Video classes

It is a very attractive format to capture the attention of your students. Video classes can help you make demonstrations.

There is another subgenre, screencasts, a very widespread type of video that is based on capturing the image from a computer screen. This can help you create online courses on a program that needs some computer simulation to better understand each other.


This format is also very popular to hear the content while the person performs another type of activity. It can also be very useful for blind people and for courses where you want to develop greater dynamism. For example, a podcast can be an interactive radio program on a specific topic.


You can also make all kinds of combinations so that your digital product is transmitted in the best way and in the most complete way possible. This is a highly recommended option because it greatly improves the user experience of your online course. You might need content drip-feed.

megaphone, speaker, speak

3. Create your own platform to sell your courses online

It is a transcendental decision that brings entrepreneurs who start in the creation and sale of online courses upside down. One of the great advantages is that there are numerous platforms to host digital products and also numerous professionals that can help you build your own sales and publishing platform for your online courses. Creating a good website with Best Education WordPress Theme is a good idea. You must try the MasterStudy WordPress Theme!

4. Promote your online course

If your course is not seen, it will never be purchased. To know how to sell an online course, you must keep in mind that content and support are only 20% of the work. The promotion of your course will be what dictates its success.

5. Your customers are your best publicity

For each satisfied customer, you will get a free sales and promotion strategy. Do not discard the word of mouth option. Write to your best students and offer the opportunity to recommend you in exchange for a commission.

I hope that these strategies on how to sell an online course will help you. Now, get to work!

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