5 Smart Tips to Boost Local E-commerce Business

There are many conversations about running a local brick-and-mortar business, or conversations about running an online store, but the conversation about local business for an online site is much harder to come by.

This is a missed opportunity. One of the main challenges an e-commerce business has to overcome is building trust with its users. Consumers would often prefer to buy something from a smaller, more unique shop, but go back to the big brands they know because they can trust those sites to be safe. Having the connection of being a local shop can be one way to overcome that unease.

The trick then is how to bring local people to your online shop? Luckily, there are many strategies for improving business.

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  1. Online Paid Advertising

  2. Improve Your Email Campaigns

  3. Be Involved in Local Platforms

  4. Offer Gift Cards To Your Customers

  5. Build Trust In Your Funnel

Online Paid Advertising

This may sound like an expensive option you should skip, but online paid advertising is not like buying a billboard. Getting started with a $50 budget is actually an encouraged tactic. All of your online campaigns won’t be successful. When you start a new campaign, it’s much wiser to begin on a lower budget and test, and then test more. Testing can be the difference between success and failure for online paid ads.

Testing with a low budget is a great way to get started and find options that work. Once you find one that works, you can increase your budget based on the results.

With a platform like Facebook, you can target your audience specifically to people who live in your area. One of the great things about Facebook ads is that you can cross target to people who live in a particular area, are within a specific age range, and have shown interest in a topic. So if you sell widgets in Kansas City, you can target consumers in Kansas City who’ve liked Facebook pages about widgets, have bought widgets in the past, or who have performed other activities that make them a valuable person to show your ads to.

You can then write ad copy that appeals directly to these potential customers. The ad copy can mention widgets and Kansas City while specifically speaking to the benefits of your widgets.

Improve Your Email Campaigns

This is key to growing any e-commerce business. You need to have a newsletter set up that captures interest from your customers. You can also collect email addresses at checkout, or when people are filling their carts, so you have the addresses of people who have abandoned carts.

Setting up personalized emails for the different consumer activity can be key to turning an abandoned cart into a sale.

Regularly emailing your customers about things they may find useful or interesting can keep your shop in their mind.

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Be Involved in Local Platforms

This can be done in several ways.

First, consider your search engine optimization for local results. If your online store has a blog or other online content, you can target that content toward your local consumers. If you sell widgets made in Kansas City, are people are searching for widgets in Kansas City, some work on optimizing your site’s pages for this search can put your business at the top of the results.

Next, look for where your consumers hang out. Is there a local forum? Are there ads on that forum where you might be able to run yours? What hashtags are locals using on social media?

Lastly, consider local in-person events where your business would benefit from having a presence. If there’s a fair, you can set up a booth and put your URL on the banner and on business cards on the table, perhaps offer key chains or other free items with your URL printed on them. In-person connections can make your business real to them and quickly overcomes the issue of trust that many online businesses face.