5 SMS Spy Apps Without Access to Target Phone with Free Trial

There’s texting, and then there’s the sneaky, behind your back sort of texting. Someone you know is bothering you with their newly-developed texting habits:

  1. If it’s a child, you think they’ve fallen in with the wrong crowd.

  2. If it’s a partner, you think they may be cheating on you.

  3. If it’s an employee, they might be colluding with a competitor.

Whatever the case is, you need a way to read their text messages. Only then will you be able to find the root cause of the trouble and whether or not your suspicions are on point.

It might be infringing on their privacy, but you deserve to know the truth. Sometimes there’s no real alternative.

In this article, we give you 5 spy software that can read SMS messages on any target device without physical access to it. The top app is Spyic, which lets you spy on text messages without installing software.

  1. #1 Spyic – The Stealthy Ninja SMS Spy App

  2. Spyic can be set up in a handful of minutes

  3. Spy on someone’s SMS activity discreetly

  4. #2 Cocospy

  5. Cocospy gives you full access to someone’s SMS messages

  6. #3 SpyBubble

  7. #4 Appmia

  8. #5 Copy9

  9. To Sum It Up

#1 Spyic – The Stealthy Ninja SMS Spy App

Spyic is one of the best, stealthiest SMS spy apps around. Over a million users in 190+ countries worldwide swear by the app. The user base comprises of people from all walks of life, including parents, people in relationships, and employers.


Spyic can be set up in a handful of minutes

How do you set up Spyic? You just need a smartphone or a laptop with a working net connection. If you need to spy on an Android device, you’ll need to install a small 2MB app on it. After that, you can spy on it remotely from any web browser.