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60+ Best Clan Names — Top Clash of Clan Names

Clan names are a group of players banding together to support each other’s communities. Support can be in the form of lending troops, building or advice on fighting strategies. One of the best parts of being in a clan is the ability to participate in Clan Wars.

In Clan Wars, your clan leader can challenge another clan to war. Your’s and the other clan get a Preparation Day to train your clan’s troops and gather equipment for the war. The next day will be the War Day where your clan gets stars for attacking and destroying the other’s clans base. 50% damage to enemy’s base or townhall is awarded with one star. Destroying the entire base is rewarded with all three stars.

Clan Wars are available in 50, 40, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, and 5 member clans.

Top Clan Names Clan NamesWars WonTotal Points ! pars !43151069 ! THE LEGION !43150583 !! LA KIMERA !!50350235 !!!!!!UK!!!!!!34650224 !!!30+!!!53750895 !!DESTROYERS!!24251530 "Alas Negras"36750051 "Angel Eyes"41850199 "EQUILIBRIO"49951434 "InvictusTeam"38153231 "Kenangan 2nd"31750927 # yolo42050815 #1 MURICA11451069 #ExileMode53150337 #UK WAR MACHINE37450016 $h@dow40351189 $YRIAN PO₩€R44050703 % AK SAÇLI %34853851 (!)БеЗпРиДеЛ(!)56351707 (PİNNACLE)60451162 ***血魂***45150339 *AYYILDIZ*39951381 +2539350715 -/One/-32752067 ..ARES..70752940 .:Aryans:.38652588 ///AMG 互刷26551618 02144953295 100% Gaillards41353020 100% ITALIA62250479 10WOLF33951389 123bobo40751178 1303养老院41350135 1ST.VIETNAM36153422 200% GUERRE40650255 24小时全面开战35152744 29.10.192355951599 299,9940251018 3 brothers34751557 3 STAR42050877 3 Stjerner48552102 300 спартанцев58751011 57.ALAY36050067 66大聯盟42451066 704战斗部57152405 71 Force ⚡39552531 _cLaNmatEs_23953818 A TEAM PLUS50251445 A.F.G کبیر45052152 A.R.M.E.56854400 ACE Ngọc Hội TQ49650018 Ae saigon44952093 AE Đồng Lòng15052292 Afghanistan53851819 Afrikaans kook32750490 Again12050406 Aito32252883 akbeylik44950621 AKVARYUM25751687 alone hkh39257361 Altenstube41152370 aMk Italian42051327 AMREEN VILLAGE26850969 ANA's PLAYHOUSE9652805

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