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7 Common Home Security Features You Can Now Get with a Mobile App

Mobile technology just gets fancier every day. Not only can you play your favorite games and Facetime your friends when on the go but also you can monitor your home security even when you’re in a different country. This is all thanks to the latest mobile apps and the many different security systems basing their technology on cell phones. Have a look at some of the most common features you can now have with a typical mobile app provided by your home security supplier.


  1. 1.     Live Stream

  2. 2.     Fire & Flood Alerts

  3. 3.     View System Activity in Your Home While You’re Away

  4. 4.     Communicate with Guests at Your Front Door

  5. 5.     Control Lights & Thermostat

  6. 6.     View Screenshots of Image Sensors

  7. 7.     Unlock the Front Door

1.     Live Stream

As a standard feature, it’s now possible to connect to your cameras at home so you can view the live feed whenever you please. Now you can catch whoever keeps stealing your garden gnomes (just when you thought your 80-year-old next door neighbor, Betty, couldn’t harm a fly).

2.     Fire & Flood Alerts

It’s not just criminals you need to be wary of when you’re out of the house; natural disasters and other mishaps can often be another security issue at home. With a typical mobile app, you can now monitor your house by getting alerts if carbon monoxide is detected or if there is a water leak.


3.     View System Activity in Your Home While You’re Away

Once your mobile app is connected to your front door alarm and the other electronics in your home, you’ll be able to view the system history to see what devices have been used. This could give you an indicator as to what’s going on when nobody’s at home.

4.     Communicate with Guests at Your Front Door

If you’re not home and you’re expecting a parcel, you can communicate with the delivery man at your door so you can tell them where to leave it. Also, letting unwanted guests know you’re about to call the police if they don’t leave your property is another handy feature.

5.     Control Lights & Thermostat

Another little feature that may or may not benefit the security of your home is the ability to control lights and the thermostat. Obviously, the thermostat control feature is handy as you have the option to warm the house before you get home on a chilly evening, but the light feature could well be an option to keep prying eyes away from your property.


6.     View Screenshots of Image Sensors

Many home security systems now come with image sensors and if they sense movement they take a picture and send it straight to your cell phone so you can see what’s going on.

7.     Unlock the Front Door

This feature is handy if you’re out and your children forget their house keys. To save you the trouble of traveling home, you can take advantage of mobile apps to unlock the house as and when you please (just make sure Betty isn’t lurking if you do, otherwise, your housecat might go missing as well).

By investing in a home security installation, you can be sure your house is kept secure at all times, and with the added benefit of the above mobile app features, people like Betty are no longer going to be an issue.

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