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91 Locker – Personalised DIY Lock Screen And Wallpapers For Android

We often try to use the most impressive phone locker. There are many apps that give you a good feel when using those lockers. But, 91 Locker gives you the awesome feel while using. 91 Locker is an app that gathers massive beautiful templates, gathered lock wallpapers, news, tools in one of the personalized DIY lock screen! We all need a smooth, small sized, private lock screen app. 91 Locker came to your side, just for you to unlock the phone and experience the most beautiful moment. 91 Locker is offered by DIY Locker Studio to satisfy the younger generation needs.

91 locker home screen

  1. Installations and Participants

  2. Main Features of 91 Locker

  3. Uniqueness of 91 Locker

  4. What’s New in 91 Locker

  5. User Reviews

  6. Conclusion

Installations and Participants

91 Locker is available for the android user in the given link. There are about 500,000 – 1,000,000 installations of 91 Locker.

Main Features of 91 Locker

  1. DIY Lock Screen Editor

  2. A simple but powerful DIY editor that allows you to quickly create personalized, beautiful, and even complex lock screen themes, Choose DIY pattern locker theme to lock your privacy up.

  3. Custom Wallpapers, Custom Photo Passcode, Classic Passcode, Hand Drawing Lock Screen

  4. High-Quality Lock Wallpaper Gallery & Wallpaper Themes

  5. More than 5000 HD lock wallpapers for free. You can freely set template background and lock screen wallpapers so that your photos, templates, and wallpapers can be more adaptive and more unique.

  6. Convenient & Fluent

  7. Check messages for missed calls, unread SMS and notifications from apps including music players when the screen is locked.

  8. Use the camera, flashlight, calculator, alarms, etc. conveniently without unlocking.

91 locker

Uniqueness of 91 Locker

What makes 91 Locker unique from other lockers is their numerous beautiful Lock Screen Templates, High-quality Lock Wallpaper Gallery, and Unique Passcode, Fingerprint Lock.  unlike other lockers 91 locker will not slow down your device. 91Locker has also enhanced some other awesome features recently.

  1. Hot Templates for you to find the hottest templates

  2. Local Templates

  3. Add default lock screens;

  4. Add Hot Tab for the new users first open the default Template Wallpapers

  5. Forgotten Passcode

  6. Reset passcode via email when you forget it to unlock the screen

  7. Optimized features for searching page with hot websites.

  8. Support to input URL on the text box

  9. Sub-national website navigation

  10. Five icons in a row

  11. Hand drawing lock screen is one of the best features 91 locker has introduced.

Get what you want in the shortest time than never before.

What’s New in 91 Locker

  1. You and add more filters to create unique lock screen photos.

  2. Add Template Category to help you find your favorite template types.


User Reviews

Here are few 91 Locker user reviews

Ariah MitchellAmazing amazing app! One tiny problem I love this app. However, my one qualm is that you can pause music from the lock screen, but not start it again! Slightly frustrating…fix and I will give the 5 stars this app truly deserves! ?

Lynnaya JonesLike it It’s really good

Adrionna FiskBest app I love this app its makes my lock screen look like a IPhone and I have a Samsung Galaxy
App UserGet it now OMG this is soo awsome it looks so good you can use any wallpaper and change keyboards

Ella PiersGreat This is a great app if your looking for a great multi purpose app u got one download now !!!!! ????

Edward Johnson Its cool it makes my phone look like a iPhone remake lol its a nice app

Jeff WardAlmost perfect! It’s really great, but with one glaring omission: no music controls. Please add music controls and this will be a five star app! Edit: I updated the app and tried the music controls, but it’s not working. I tried Google Play Music and Poweramp, as well as Pocket Casts. Please keep working on it. Thanks.

Saskia Smit Amazing ecsept Ecspet NOTHING this app was amazing and the way hall show that you care and actually comment is very dear to me it shows you care?

Kane SchexniderReally great app This app is really awesome it gives u so many different choices to choose from it’s really great
91 Locker


91Locker aims to provide you a more safe and private user experience. Later, 91Locker will be updated with more high-quality templates. DIY element remains to be essential. And new functions will be added as well, such as slide right to unlock, entrance for users to upload your preferred templates. If you have any doubts regarding the app you can contact the team by emailing to You are free to express your opinion in the comments section below.

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