Amazon Vs. Flipkart Affiliate, Best For Indians? Commission Rates? API

After the E-Commerce boom in India which was started with Flipkart followed by other E-commerce sites like Myntra, Jabong and few other affiliate marketing has been grown tremendously as many people in India started to buy stuff online. When coming to few products especially Latest Gadgets users were forced to get them only through either Flipkart or Amazon. This has opened up one more earning source for Bloggers and Internet Marketer.

  1. Amazon Vs. Flipkart Affiliate, Best For Indians? Commission Rates? API

  2. Flipkart Affiliate Program:

  3. Getting Started with Flipkart Affiliate Program:

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Amazon Vs. Flipkart Affiliate, Best For Indians? Commission Rates? API

The world knows that now Flipkart has been acquired by American multinational retail corporation or company – Walmart. Although rare to no changes have been observed in the commission rates of Flipkart Affiliate. Undoubtedly, being a largest online marketplace in the world, Amazon has been trusted all over the world. Yet Flipkart is no back. For example, on Books Amazon affiliate program, a commission was 12% earlier and was 8% on Flipkart. Amazon has also now reduced it by 4% and now 8%  is the commission rate for Books Affiliates bloggers or vloggers on both Amazon and Flipkart.

Previously bloggers used to depend only on Adsense as a major source of income but these days Affiliate Marketing is booming in India. Almost every blogger is promoting products from Flipkart and Amazon using their affiliate link.

For those who don’t know Affiliate Marketing means, you have to promote products from the network using your affiliate link whenever someone purchases a product from the affiliate link you make a commission. Ofcourse there are some networks that pay per lead, pay per click and pay per registration. Here we will be talking only about Pay Per Sale (PPS or CPS).

I also work with different affiliate network as a part of monetization techniques on my blogs. In the process, I have registered with both Flipkart and to give them a try. Here I decided to share my experience with both the affiliate networks.

Flipkart Affiliate Program:

We must accept the fact that Flipkart is the best Ecommerce site in India as of now which is making millions of sales per day. We must also consider the fact that they are also new to this. There are few negative feedbacks about the Flipkart affiliate system is loosely coded and the tracking is not so strong.

flipkart affiliate program

Getting Started with Flipkart Affiliate Program:

  1. It’s pretty much straightforward.

  2. Go to Flipkart Affiliate Page

  3. Then just register over a free account over there.