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Best Apps for Protecting Your Kids from Online Threat

Now that internet age has fully established itself, online threats have started to run rampant, and they have especially affected the teenagers. They are now being bullied, harassed, and targeted by all sorts of people. There are individuals offering them drugs, there are kids who keep on bullying them no matter where they are or what they do, then there are online predators, who are targeting your children with bad intentions. For a teenager, dealing with all these problems is not easy and this is where your responsibility as a parent comes into play. You have to come to their support. However, if you kids are not sharing any of what’s happening in their life, then you will need to seek help from parental control apps to protect them from online threats. Some of the best apps in this category have been outlined below.

  1. ShieldMyTeen

  2. Net Nanny

  3. Kaspersky SafeKids

  4. Well these are few apps that we came across and have proved to be succesfull for many parents. Comment below if you know anymore such apps or tools which will help protect children from cyber threats.


ShieldMyTeen is relatively new to the market but contains almost all the features that one can ask for. It can keep an eye on calls and text messages taking place on your children’s smartphone, hence allowing you to see what kind of conversations they’re having with people around them. If they are being called constantly and they aren’t picking, then that means there’s something wrong and you should check it out.


With text messages, however, the picture becomes a whole lot clearer. You can see the tone of the message and conclude whether your kids are being bullied or targeted. If they are being threatened in any way, then you need to intervene before it’s too late.

Location tracking feature is also present in the app which enables you to see where your kids are at all times and if you see them going to a place where they shouldn’t be, then you probably check it out. To provide even more security to your children, ShieldMyTeen also blocks adult content so that they cannot access pornography.

The best part about this app is that it’s available for free. This means that you won’t even be paying anything and would be able to keep your children safe. With ShieldMyTeen, options are endless as it provides multiple ways to keep your children safe from the online threats. This is the reason we have put this app on the top of our list.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny has been around for quite a while and does not need any kind of introduction. It has been helping parents keep their kids safe and has seen a lot of improvements over the time. It is easily one of the best parental controls around. As of now, their product allows you to block pornographic content, filter certain websites, put profanity filter, provide constant alerts, and more.


However, the feature that really helps out a lot is of social media monitoring. Net Nanny allows parents, like you, to keep an eye on your kid’s social networking platforms, hence enabling you to see what’s going on there. You can see their conversations that are taking place through some of the popular networking platforms like WhatsApp.

One thing to note however is, Net Nanny is a paid platform, and if you want to make use of it, you will have to pay for their services. However, to make things easier, they have introduced different packages. Some of them are really cheap and help you test out the product before you fully invest in it.

Kaspersky SafeKids

Kaspersky SafeKids has two versions; one that’s free and one that will cost you. The paid version is basically an extension to the free version as it comes with some extra features.

With the free version, you will get to block any and all content that you deem harmful for your kids. Furthermore, it allows you to keep tabs on apps that your kids have downloaded, and an option to block/unblock them at will. That’s about it for the free version.

kaspersky for kids

To get more out of this app, you will have to get the paid version. The paid version offers to monitor calls and text messages, location tracking, an eye on your kid’s Facebook public profile, their Facebook friend list, and some other minor features.If you do decide to get Kaspersky SafeKids, then we suggest you go for the premium version because it contains all the essential features that you will need to protect your kids from online threats.

Well these are few apps that we came across and have proved to be succesfull for many parents. Comment below if you know anymore such apps or tools which will help protect children from cyber threats.

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