Best Instagram Video Downloader (2019)

We have over 100 million users on Instagram. All these individuals upload the best of their best photos and videos. Sometimes, you don’t want to miss that particular photo or video in your device memory, and this gets you thinking about how to download it.

You don’t have to worry as Instagram has the content for you to see. However, we have applications for Mac, iOS, Android, Pc, and many other systems just for you. All these apps have been designed to help you save these photos and videos to spice up your gallery and allow you to watch offline as you entertain yourself.

  1. Instagram Video Downloader Review Center

  2. 1. Video Downloader – for Instagram Repost App

  3. 2. InstaSave

  4. 3. FastSave for Instagram

  5. 4. Quick Save

  6. 5. Gram Save

  7. 6. DownloadRank

  8. 7. DownloadGram

  9. 8. IV Saver Photo Video Download for Instagram & IGTV

  10. 9. Gramblast

  11. 10. PostGraber

  12. 11. Regrammer

Instagram Video Downloader Review Center

In this review, we shall focus on the top best Instagram video downloaders for you in 2019. All these downloaders have been tried and tested and deliver amazing results within seconds. Follow through as we guide you on the best apps you can have on your device.

1. Video Downloader – for Instagram Repost App

Have you ever wanted to download videos from Instagram and repost them instantly? Well, the Video Downloader – for Instagram Repost App offers you the best solution. This is an app designed for all your devices and will download with one click.

The best thing with this app is that your videos are saved instantly on your device without asking you for a selection of destination. This saves time. Additionally, you will have the freedom to repost the videos with a single tap on Instagram and vine. This ensures that you share moments with your friends on the go.

 Some of the features include:

  1. 100% free download

  2. Save pictures and repost them

  3. Instant picture and video saving

  4. IGTV downloader

  5. Copy tags from Instagram

How to install the app

  1. Search for Google play and type Video Downloader – for Instagram Repost App

  2. Download and install the app. This takes a short time.

  3. Open the app for use

  4. Copy the video or picture URL from Instagram and paste to Video Downloader – for Instagram Repost App.

  5. Download and repost the content as you wish. Note that some downloaded information might require consent from the owner before reposting them. Again, this app isn’t associated with Instagram. The primary purpose is to help you save and enjoy offline content.

2. InstaSave

Here is another popular site where you can download countless videos and photos from Instagram to your device. This program uses your web and hence no need to download the app. With your link copied, you can get to the InstaSave site and paste the link and download your content instantly. It’s that simple.

Browsers of your choice, such as Chrome, Safari, Opera web browser, and Firefox, among others, will work well with this web-based downloader. All these websites are compatible with your devices, and hence, InstaSave will work on your devices as long as they access the web.

InstaSave is popular because of its user-friendly design. With a few steps, you will have your video or picture on your device. However, we have a few downsides with InstaSave, whereby the site has many advertisements inform of ads. If you don’t like ads popping up, then this won’t be an excellent idea for you. Above all, this downloader has proved to be the best in terms of efficiency.


  1. Offers fast and efficient downloads

  2. Works as a web-based downloader hence no app

  3. Compatible with all your devices

  4. Great with all the browsers

  5. A popular site for downloading content

How to use InstaSave

  1. Go to your favorite browser and search for InstaSave

  2. Copy your link from Instagram and paste to the InstaSave download section

  3. Click submit and wait for the picture or photo

3. FastSave for Instagram

Here is another free and fast app for your video and photo downloads. FastSave for Instagram has over 10 million downloads and will be great for you if you want to save content for offline use or reposting purposes.

With this app, you can view the pictures in the inbuilt viewer and slideshow. Besides, the app allows you to download multiple photos from ago, and this saves your time. This is an app with a lovely display that will keep you wanting to download more and more videos for offline and reposting purposes. Here are some key unique features of this app.


  1. Have the details of the photos and videos by long-pressing the saved content

  2. Save multiple videos and photos at once

  3. Save, share, repost and delete pictures from the app with ease

  4. View photos in the slideshow and other modes

  5. Fast download speed

  6. Has a secret locker where you hide your saved content

  7. The bar on the main screen allows you to view the download history quickly

How to use this app

  1. Download and install the app from Google play

  2. Open and copy the link from Instagram than paste to this app

  3. The videos and photos will download automatically

Note that this app is not associated with Instagram, and therefore, you are requested to get permission for the content owner before reposting it.

4. Quick Save

This app is also great for downloading Instagram content. All videos and pictures are saved in the best quality for you to enjoy viewing. Unlike other apps, Quick Save features inbuilt functionality to edit photos to give you a variety of colors. This improves the photo appearance as well as customizing the picture to your preference.

This Quick Save allows you to photo split, create images as well as share directly to Instagram. This app is super-fast and will get you, images as well as videos in the shortest time possible. You will love the beautiful design for this app. Besides, the ease of use is also a fantastic thing for you to enjoy.


  1. Fastest downloader for pictures and photos

  2. Easy to install and use

  3. Lovely design for navigation

  4. Most rapid sharing of the downloaded content to other apps

  5. Makes 9-grid images for Instagram

  6. Edit photos with different colors

How to use the app

  1. Get the app from Google Play and install it for use

  2. Open the app and minimize it

  3.  Open your Instagram video or image and share the URL

  4.  The shared content will appear in the Quick Save app and download automatically by pressing the button or dismiss by swiping.

5. Gram Save

Here is another app that is the talk of the town. Gram Save comes with the best display for you to download pictures, videos, and other content from Instagram with ease. This site has been designed specifically to make Instagram content useful for your offline purposes as well as reposting.

Gram Save isn’t an app but a webpage that is easy to navigate and download the content. Gram Save gives you access to download public as well as private videos for your use. Therefore, this site will work well on all your devices as long as they can log into a website.


  1. Offer both the public and private photo and video download option

  2. Very fast and stress-free

  3. This is a web page hence quick to access

  4. All the downloads are saved in your device

How to use the site

  1. Access the site through Gram Save

  2. Copy the required link from your Instagram video or photo

  3. Paste to the gram save download section and click download

  4. The content saves to the device so that you can share or view it offline

Note that this site is efficient. However, expect some advertisements as they help to keep the site running through revenue generation.

6. DownloadRank

You can now download Instagram content directly from the Instagram feed using the DownloadRank tool. This tool has been designed to track user names, locations, and hashtags, which is convenient.

DownloadRank was designed to simplify the downloading process by getting you the content as you want. Therefore, the tool has gained popularity as a result of its simplicity. You will also realize that this tool guarantees you a simultaneous download for up to 30 videos and photos. For those who would love to get the limit removed, then the manufacturer gives the authority to contact them for that.


  1. Downloading in batches

  2. Tracks user names, locations, and hashtags

  3. Simple to use

  4. Can be expanded to download more

  5. Saves instantly

How to use the site

  1. Get to the DownloadRank site

  2. Choose the mode that you want, e.g., hashtag, location or usernames

  3. Select “proceed” once you enter the c

  4. The downloads will save on your computer

7. DownloadGram

We have restrictions on Instagram such that you cannot download videos and photos unless you have another channel. Well, the DownloadGram is a site that is easy and simple to navigate. It offers you the opportunity to download photos, videos, and IGTV. You will have the content saved into your device instantly. You can, therefore, enjoy it offline or repost whenever you want.

The site is user-friendly even beginners will find it amazing. Once you open the web, you will get a section that requires you to enter the link for easy download. Within a few seconds, your downloads will be ready for use.


  1. The interface is easy to use

  2. The site has no advertisements hence easy for newbies

  3. Just requires a link for downloads

  4. Instant downloads within seconds

  5. Site is free

How to use the site

  1. On your browser, enter DownloadGram

  2. The section for entering the link pops up once you search the page

  3. Copy the link you want of the video or photo from Instagram and paste here

  4. Enter download, and your content will be ready in a matter of seconds.

8. IV Saver Photo Video Download for Instagram & IGTV

The IV Saver Photo Video Download for Instagram & IGTV is an app that is compatible with all your devices. It’s capable of saving profiles for offline reading, generating photos and viewing and reposting as well as saving details such as captions and hashtags.

When you download this specific app, you will have an easy time downloading and saving all kinds of Instagram posts and pictures for future references. You don’t have to log-in to view or download; instead, download the app and start using it for your downloads.

With this app, you scroll your downloads and awesomely view them. You can also save and delete multiple posts and photos. Additionally, you can download HD photos.


  1. Allows downloads of HD videos from Instagram and IGTV

  2. Viewing photos in a grid format

  3. Downloading and sharing pictures

  4. Easy to access, save and mark photos and videos

  5. Save and delete multiple downloaded contents

  6. Fast and easy navigation

  7. No login required

How to use the app

  1. Download the app and install on your device

  2. Open the Instagram app

  3. Copy the picture or video URL

  4. There is an automatic download when you have the app installed on your device

  5. The content saves to the device automatically

9. Gramblast

If you are struggling to download videos and pictures from Instagram, then this Gramblast webpage is excellent for you. The site is straightforward and guarantees you quick results with a click on the download section.

This Gramblast is one of the top apps as it features no or fewer advertisements, and therefore, you will have a smooth session while enjoying the saved videos and pictures. Once you download your content from Instagram, you can decide to repost and share it with friends. Note that every content owner has his or her own rules, and therefore, you are required to seek permission for using the content like this app isn’t affiliated to Instagram.


  1. Webpage and hence fast

  2. Easy to use on your computer

  3. Just paste the Instagram link

  4. Download bot pictures and videos

 How to use this downloader

  1. Open the site from your browser, i.e., Gramblast

  2. On your Instagram page or app, copy the URL you want to download and paste in the box that appears on your Gramblast downloader and enters Downloadgram.

  3. Your content will save to your device.

10. PostGraber

If you are used to the apps that download single content from a post, then here is a site that will deliver the entire content from the whole post. You will be able to download several photos and videos at ago as the site analyses all the content and singles out the pictures and videos for you.

This is one of the simplest sites to use on your mobile phone or PC. Just open the webpage for Post Graber. Copy the link from Instagram for the post content you want to download. Go ahead and paste the URL to the box that appears on the PostGraber site and press Go.

All your videos and pictures associated with the post will download and save on your device. You can go ahead and select the best and use them for your desired purpose.


  1. Download multiple contents from a post

  2. Very fast and efficient

  3. Uses a site and not an app hence useful

  4.  Has no or fewer advertisements therefore smooth

How to use the downloader

  1. Open the downloader on your browser via PostGraber

  2. The window that pops up has a section where you paste the copied link from your Instagram content or post.

  3. Press go and view your downloads in multiples.

11. Regrammer

If your device is operating on iOS, then you have your site here. This is a unique site from the rest as it’s fast and smooth. The Regrammer can allow you to share the videos even without downloading them. More so, the process of downloading the videos is also easy and hence, the best choice for Instagram downloaders.

What I loved about this app is the speed. The fact that the advertisements don’t interfere with the process of downloading the video. Also, the advertisements are not as many as seen in other downloaders. That’s why the entire process will feel stress-free. Once the videos download, you can view them and repost them on your Instagram.


  1. Site download

  2. No interference from advertisements

  3. Easy to use the site for downloading

  4. Can repost without downloading

  5. You can preview a video before downloading

  6. All the videos download in mp4

How to use the downloader

  1. Copy the link you want to download from Instagram

  2. Open your site on your browser via Regrammer

  3. Paste the URL from Instagram to the window that opens on your Regrammer site

  4. Press preview and see the real video

  5. Go ahead and download once you are satisfied

I hope you have enough information on the best Instagram Video Downloaders in 2019. Note that, while you download and report these videos, sometimes you might get banned if you didn’t get the permission from the owners. This is a violation of the Instagram rules. Therefore, ensure you have the consent before reposting; otherwise, you can download the videos for your offline use.

All the downloaders reviewed above are amazing. I recommend Quick Save since I can split my photos into grids as well as change the colors before reposting.

You can choose the best downloader for your Instagram videos and enjoy continuous entertainment.

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