Cool 7 Apps Short Review July 2019

As we near the halfway mark for 2019 mobile users have shortlisted their favorite iOS and Android apps for smartphones, tablets, and phablets. For iPhone users, enhanced functionality and performance is typically associated with much more powerful apps with engaging features, stellar audio-visuals, and wild enhancements. iPhone apps cover the full spectrum of entertainment, education, weather forecasts, scheduling, shopping, cuisine, vacations, the universe, infinity, and beyond.

It’s no mean feat sifting through thousands of world-class apps seeking out the coolest 7 apps for July 2019. Our in-house experts and tech aficionados have combed through the App Store and Google Play Store, scoured user reviews, and ‘trolled’ social media sites to find out exactly what apps folks are checking out, using, and enjoying. Whether you’re using the latest iPhone XS or iPhone XR, or you are on the opposite end of the spectrum with the Samsung Galaxy range of Android smartphones, you’re in luck!

  1. Magpie for Organizing your Pics

  2. Donut Dog: Feed your Focus

  3. Bitmoji

  4. 888casino Mobile App

  5. TripIt

  6. Bouncer

  7. Untitled

Magpie for Organizing your Pics

We begin our fascinating exploration with an iPhone app known as Magpie. For those who don’t know, Magpie is great for curating, collating, and managing your photographs. iPhones are fantastic devices for capturing memorable moments, but how often have you taken photos and simply forgotten about the places, things, or people in those photos? Magpie is essentially a digital scrapbook that allows you to compile all your favorite photos into lists and reminders. You can add notes to all your pictures so that you can remember the events, people, and places with accuracy and fondness.

Think of it as a list app that serves as a reminder of things that you’ve done, places you’ve been, or sites that you have seen. Perhaps you recently visited Madrid, Jerusalem, or the Florida Keys? Magpie is also a powerful app for organizing things like baby photos, holiday locations, restaurants to try, events to attend, and art and design. You can also easily share your Magpie photos via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. Here is some more good news: you can try it free for a week!

Donut Dog: Feed your Focus

Fancy Ventures UG came out with a great app known as Donut Dog: Feed Your Focus! This is a task management app which lets you focus on your work without wasting time on social media. It schedules your time and rewards you in the form of donuts for your focus. These aren’t real donuts – they are virtual doughnuts. This is a feature-rich app with gamification elements geared towards increasing your productivity.

That’s really what this is – a productivity tool. As you use it, so you achieve. There are levels, quests, and virtual prizes for you. It’s great for people who are studying, working in an office, meditating, or simply attending a lecture. It develops healthy habits, and that’s why Donut Dog: Feed Your Focus claims its rightful place on our listing of top 7 apps for July 2019. It’s also great for improving your attention span. Be advised that this is a premium service app with a monthly subscription or a once off purchase. Definitely worth trying out!


Bitmoji once again rises to the top as a cool app to use. What’s it all about? It’s basically a cartoon avatar app which allows you to create a ‘personalized’ expressive avatar. There are tons of stickers for you to choose from – way too many for us to list in this quick review. Bitmoji is ideal for relaying mood, sentiment, or reactions on social media sites like iMessage, Snapchat, Skype, and other chat programs. Each of these stickers is really all about you. Think of them as animated avatars for you to enjoy. You are creating a cartoon likeness of yourself, or how you perceive yourself to be. The images are lots of fun to use, and this app is free to download and install.

888casino Mobile App

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