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Crypto PR: Do It Right, Get Massive Publicity

Irrespective of the nature of the business you are running, publicity is critical to business success. Unlike adverts, publicity has the potential of generating long-term returns because the same copy of a successful article can be read by many prospective clients over a long time. Basically, successful Crypto PR has the potential of reaching out to many people than most advertising.

Most importantly, the public tends to believe publicity campaigns more than they trust advertising. As such, this article will show you how to get massive publicity for your business.

  1. List all your objectives and identify the target audience

  2. Identifying the target media for your Crypto PR campaign

  3. Developing your story and make the pitch

List all your objectives and identify the target audience

Before you start, it’s important to decide exactly what you intend to accomplish with the publicity campaign for your business. The easiest way is writing down at least five goals starting with the most important ones. These goals should be specific with clearly spelled out deadlines.


The next task would be identifying the people you wish to address. Here, you must be aware of their gender, age, as well as their buying habits. In addition, it’s better to understand where they live and the range of their income.

Identifying the target media for your Crypto PR campaign

Here, you just write down the TVs, newspapers, and radio stations that are most appropriate to be the outlet channels. Make an effort of contacting all of them and ensure that you inquire about the procedure of using them as an outlet. The purpose of this initial contact is to identify the specific producer or journalist who is in charge in the area of your business so that you can establish a rapport.

The most important thing is to focus on the media outlets that are best positioned to offer higher benefits to your business rather than targeting the big and prestigious media. After you’ve found out where the majority of your audience is, reach out to different media outlets that can get the Crypto PR message across.

Developing your story and make the pitch

Depending on the media outlet you are working with, you should develop a story that blends with their reporting style. When you are working on this task, get into the shoes of your audience and put together a story that the audience would enjoy. To get the best results, gather your team for a brainstorming session and make sure you come up with fresh and outstanding ideas.


Organize your thoughts well and write them down in a pitch letter that you’re going to send the reporter. Here, it’s wise to start by stating some interesting facts or asking some questions that make the audience curious about Crypto PR.  To illustrate, you can start by telling them about the future of cryptocurrencies and state how it will affect their day-to-day life.

The pitch letter shouldn’t be any longer than a page but you can also include an outstanding press release in the letter. In addition, you should always include your contact information so that the reporter can get back to you if they want additional information.

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