Cyber Attack Guide: Simple Steps to Keep Your Website Secure

  1. The Headnote

  2. Common Website Security Threats

  3. Spam Messages

  4. Malicious Software

  5. DoS Attacks

  6. WHOIS Domain Issues

  7. Most Reliable Cyber Security Measures

  8. 1. Select a safe web hosting plan.

  9. 2. Select a safe web hosting plan.

  10. 3. Bother to monitor the security of your website.

  11. 4. Do not neglect software updates.

  12. 5. Limit usеr accеss.

  13. Conclusions

The Headnote

More than 50,000 per day — that’s how many websites are hacked daily, including those mischances eventually becoming fatal to businesses attacked. No doubt, the statistics wouldn’t have been this alarming if more entrepreneurs were more diligent as to existing risks. But most people, as they hear about another severe data theft or leakage incident happening, tend to think that will never happen to their companies, believing that cybercriminals surely have a bigger fish to fry…

Meanwhile, 43% of cybercrimes target small businesses — and that’s the real state of affairs. It’s interesting, however, that 74% of the websites are attacked not for hackers’ self-serving purposes (like theft of email addresses or credit card info), but in the name of rivalry — so that for SEO reasons, such as the intention to drown competitor’s website through impacting their Google search rankings.

Now, let me make it clear: all the above wasn’t an attempt to frighten you or something. My only goal was to emphasize, in numbers and samples, that the field of cybercrime keep tirelessly improving its techniques of hijacking and bypassing — which is why it’s in each and every business owner’s best interest to take proper care of the website cybersecurity… before an attack makes them do so forcibly one day.

Common Website Security Threats

There’s a multitude of sophisticated methods and techniques that intruders implement through their attacks. So before we go any further, I’d like to give you a brief overview of a few most common website security menaces.

Spam Messages

No doubt, having your mailbox flooded with piles of spam on a daily basis is annoying — not mentioning the abundance of popups you