ExtraTorrent Proxy – Best 35 Proxy List & Unblocked Mirror Sites 2019

Extratorrent is one of the top three torrent websites available on the internet. From lastest TV shows to Hollywood movies and everything in between, Extratorrent provides HD quality stuff which is free to download.

Unlike most torrent websites which result in malware attacks when you visit them, Extratorrent is known for safe and secure surfing.

Due to the recent uptrend in the piracy concerns, many governments and ISP providers have blocked torrent websites in their region. If you are one such person who can’t access the original Extratorrent website, then check out this list of best Extratorrent Proxy/ Mirror Websites:

  1. Free ExtraTorrent Proxy/Mirror Sites

  2. Extratorrent Proxy – List

  3. Speed

  4. Status

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  6. How does it work?

Free ExtraTorrent Proxy/Mirror Sites

Extratorrent Proxy – List


Statushttps://extratorrent.cdVery FastWorkinghttps://extratorrents.unblockall.org–Not Workinghttps://sitenable.asiaVery FastWorkinghttps://extratorrents.unblockall.org–Not Workinghttps://extra.unblocked.lol–Not Workinghttps://extratorrent.si/Very FastWorkinghttps://xtra.unblocked.lol/–Not Workinghttps://extratorrent.fyiFastWorkinghttps://extratorrent.ag/–Not Workinghttp://extratorrent.proVery FastWorkinghttps://extratorrent.bypassed.ws/–Not Workinghttps://extratorrent.bypassed.in/–Not Workinghttps://extratorrent.bypassed.st–Not Workinghttps://extratorrents4.top/FastWorkinghttps://extratorrent.ag–Not Workinghttps://extratorrent.cool-–Not WorkingProxy 1–Not WorkingProxy 2–Not WorkingProxy 3–Not WorkingProxy 4–Not WorkingProxy 5–Not WorkingProxy 6–Not WorkingProxy 7–Not Workinghttps://extratorrents.unblockall.org–Not WorkingProxy 8–Not Workinghttps://extratorrent.fyi–Not WorkingProxy 9–Not Working

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How does it work?

Extratorrent has been taken down in many countries by government agencies and ISP providers. However, proxy/mirror sites have retained all of the content floating across the internet. These proxy sites are unable to get under these security concerns and is able to provide users with the same downloading experience as of the original website. A peer-to-peer network protocol is being used in these websites which makes tracing a very difficult task.

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