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Fast and Free Access to YouTube Videos

Millions of people endeavor to find fast and free access to YouTube videos. This huge desire from large popularity is not just a good manifestation of people’s preference for YouTube videos, but also a reflection of how useful and interesting YouTube videos are. Apart from some YouTube videos made for pure amusement, there are news posted on YouTube every day which can be viewed as good study materials for second language learners, and there are also inspiring events inclined to motivate people’s advancement. So to gain a global perspective and keep pace with others from all across the world, it is of paramount importance to find fast and free access to YouTube Videos.

The best solution for considerable users to download videos from YouTube and other websites is DVDFab Video Downloader, the best 4K, and HD video downloader. With the help of this software, all your favorite YouTube videos will be easily accessible.

Download and install DVDFab Video Downloader

This 4K video downloader is compatible with Windows and Mac, you can download it to PC, and you can download it to mobile phones as well. The download and installation of this software only need three clicks without other extra applications downloaded.

How to use DVDFab Video Downloader

1. Download YouTube Video

  1. Locate your video first, either via its URL or directly search it via the built-in browser “YouTube”

  1. Click the “Download” button > “Video” > choose Video quality > Download

  1. Click “Downloads” > “Downloading” to enable the Turbo-Speed download function

Click “Downloads” > “Video” to locate the downloaded file and play it

  1. Download YouTube Playlist

  2. Locate the targeted playlist by pasting the playlist URL to the search bar, or search the playlist directly via the built-in browser “YouTube”

  3. Click “Playlist” under the Download button

(The “Playlist” option appears only when you are playing a playlist)

  1. Uncheck some videos you dislike if you don’t want to download the whole playlist

Choose preferred video quality and click Download

  1. Locate the downloading playlist through “Downloads” > “Downloading”

Play the downloaded video when DVDFab Video Downloader finishes downloading it

  1. Save YouTube Video

If you have enough Data or stable Wi-Fi, YouTube videos can also be saved instead for offline enjoyment.

  1. Paste the video URL or use the built-in browser “YouTube” to locate your video

  2. Move your mouse cursor onto the “Add to” button and click “Add to Favorite” to save the playing video to the left navigational column – “My Favorites”

  3. Click the “+” icon behind the “Created Playlists” option in the left navigational column, create a new playlist and refresh the interface. Then the “Add to Playlist” option under the “Add to” button will be available, making your playing video saved in the newly-built playlist on the left.

  1. Save YouTube Playlist

  2. Paste the playlist URL or use the built-in browser “YouTube” to locate your playlist

  3. Click the “Add to” button and choose the “Save Playlist” option. Then your playing playlist will be put in the “Saved Playlists” on the left.


So much for the brief introduction of DVDFab Video Downloader, the best HD video downloader YouTube. Also, this software can be used to download videos from Facebook, Twitter, and more than 1000 websites. It is second to none as a good 4K video downloader, video player and video manager, supporting video/playlist download and video/playlist save. If you have more than one video or playlist to download, this free HD video downloader enables you to download five files at a time. As the free and fast access to YouTube videos, you are believed to get enough help with the help of this tool.

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