Futuristic Social Media Marketing Trends To Tap In 2016 To Make Your Business Sizzle

Social Media Marketing is a refreshing change from the fad marketing crazes that have been known to consume marketers and corporations. What started in a circumspect manner is today a proven effective, dynamic, and ever-improving platform of information broadcasting, and hence the perfect channel for marketing of all kinds. Opinion makers always questioned the viability of marketing over social media, but the facts and statistics of social media marketing in 2015 have a lot to say.

Social Media Marketing Trends 2016

The best part of social media marketing is that the market is abuzz with action, and social media companies are scampering past each other, trying to outdo competitors and emerge as the most effective platform for marketing. What does this mean for marketers across the globe? Of course, 2016 is going to be hot and happening in terms of social media marketing, and that’s why you can’t even think of going past our list of the smartest social media trends that will crown the kings of marketing in the years to come.

  1. A New Dimension of Immediacy

  2. Union of Social Media and E-Shopping

  3. The Endless Experience – Driven by Apps

  4. Privacy – A Concern for Social Media Users Plus Marketers

  5. Newer Advertising Tactics with Ever-Expanding Scope of ad Formats

  6. Tapping Smarter News Feeds on Facebook

A New Dimension of Immediacy

Content richness has continued to be a differentiator for social media platforms for some time now. However, the smartest of marketers have always caught the pulse of the future, and that’s something called in-the-moment updates. Twitter recently acquired a platform called Periscope, where members can broadcast the live feed of vide from their lives. These in-the-moment updates usher in a new dimension of immediacy to social content. What does it mean for marketers?

  1. Well, for starters, this would mean that any promotional events would need to be planned to be social-media ready so that their live feeds could be used to gather global attention.

  2. Then, practices such as planning social media content campaigns with scheduled posts will become obsolete.

  3. What’s more, even the whole concept of ‘viral’ on social media will have to be rethought!

Union of Social Media and E-Shopping

Five years back in time, it would have seemed preposterous to imagine social media based selling. However, Facebook and Pinterest have successfully integrated BUY buttons into their platforms, this sowing the seeds of a future that will blur the lines between e-shopping an e-socializing. Not only will this let social media marketers step into the domains of web selling, but will also allow marketers to pursue real sales-centric marketing campaigns, with ROIs presenting more transparent figures, as sales will be a central part of the whole campaign. Also, the whole concept of advertising will adorn a more ‘sociable’ touch because the ‘message to buy’ and the ‘product’ itself will be hosted on the social media channel.

The Endless Experience – Driven by Apps