Get Healthy Sleep For A Health Body – Keep A Track With Smart Sleep Gadgets

Are you waking up tired despite sleeping for 8 full hours? Perhaps, you just don’t know of your getting a deep calm sleep or not. Good sleep is essential for healthy functioning of the body throughout the day. Not just the number of hours you have slept but also the kind of sleep you get into must be considered.

You must be asking, “Is there any way out I can monitor my sleep?” The answer is yes; there are apps and gadgets to track sleep routine along with detailing about the amount of time you usually spend in deep sleep.


  1. Importance of following a good sleep cycle

  2. Getting into a routine sleep cycle will:

  3. Mobile apps to monitor your sleep

  4. Sleep Time

  5. Sleep as Android App

  6. Sleep Cycle

  7. SleepBot

  8. Bands and gadgets for sleep cycle monitoring

  9. Basis Peak

  10. FitBit Charge

  11. Garmin VivoSmart

  12. Jawbone UP24

  13. Microsoft Band

  14. ResMed S+

Importance of following a good sleep cycle

No matter how much you indulge in good eating and exercise habits, if you are not sleeping properly and for a reasonable amount of time, you are bound to suffer from health issues including weight gain and its associated disorders.

Getting into a routine sleep cycle will:

  1. Improve your energy levels in the morning after waking up

  2. Help relieve stress and anxiety

  3. Improve your concentration by removing brain fog in a relaxed mind.

  4. Help you keep an active metabolic state of your body and thus keep you fit.

Mobile apps to monitor your sleep

Sleep Time

  1. Compatible with Android and iPhones, sleep time analyzes all your sleep phases.

  2. With simple functioning like setting the time when you went to bed and alarm time for when you would like to wake up.

Sleep as Android App

  1. By analyzing the sounds that frequently occur in your room like snoring or talking, this mobile app monitors your sleep cycle.

  2. It can be even used as a waking up alarm with a soothing and gentle musical tone.

Sleep Cycle

  1. This app monitor’s sleep for a few days before concluding on your sleeping habits.

  2. Just place your phone next to your pillow and get a detailed sleep motion analysis in the morning.


  1. It tracks movements and sounds to analyze your sleeping pattern.

  2. It also provides suggestions on the ways sleep patterns could be improved, if needed.