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Mod apps are modified versions of apps which means they have several features more than their original one. It has not been supported by original developers as well. Usually, we downloaded apps from Google play store that there are a lot of apps in it. But they agreed with terms and conditions which are given by the Google play store. But you cannot download mod apps through Google Playstore. People can directly go through the internet which is sent by a contact. You know what these files do not pass any security checks which are put in to check the authenticity of the App. Basically, you are downloading hacked versions of apps that are with a lot of premium features and you can get those things without paying.

  1. Features

  2. There are some new features in latest GB WhatsApp


  1. Can get experience with premium versions of apps

  2. Unlocked features

  3. Unlimited in apps and can get unlimited currency for games

  4. Sometimes extra support

Sometimes mod apps with many other add-ons also which are including malware and spyware. Not with that, you have a duty to be careful before downloading and installing any mod app from an untrusted source.

When we are talking about Mod apps which is a popular mod for WhatsApp, and it is called GBWhatsApp. Let’s talk about it and analysis things which are in Mod apps.

It is a popular WhatsApp alternative. It seems to be compatible with GBWA called WhatsApp. You can easily find this 3rd party WhatsApp mod app which is called GBWA. This very popular app among people who are using multiple WhatsApp accounts. There is 52 MB size in GB WhatsApp mod, and it requires Android 4.0 and the latest operating system and above.

We can see various features in GB WhatsApp latest version. Then talk about them. It is available all feature which is in normal WhatsApp also.

  1. Users can change the theme.

  2. There are dual or multiple accounts for a single-use.

  3. Facilitate use in various languages.

  4. Hide online and double tick.

  5. Give chance to send more than 10 images.

  6. Use the always online feature as well.

  7. Back up features.

  8. Various launcher icons.

  9. Hidden chat features.

  10. Auto-reply messages which are an amazing thing.

  11. Enable to use through a password.

  12. Cool launcher icons.

  13. Change the notify bar icon.

  14. Log available.

  15. Message scheduler.

  16. Audio can be shared up to 100 M.

You have experienced normal WhatsApp which is given 30 seconds to share a WhatsApp status but using this GBWhatsApp gives chance to limit status to 7 minutes, hide typing status, status can be copied, change video player and hidden chat features, etc.

If you feel it is better you want cool images rather than your current WhatsApp images, then you can try this GBWhatsApp.

There are some new features in latest GB WhatsApp