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Google Chrome Now Sends You A Message If You’re Browsing Too Much P*RN

“Incognito Mode” is a privacy feature in Google Chrome web browser. It is used to disable browsing history and the web cache. This allows a person to browse the Web without storing local data that could be retrieved at a later date. This privacy protection is only on the local computing device as it is still possible to identify frequented websites by associating the IP address at the web server.

Incognito Mode

Thus, Google Chrome browser is very handy and millions of people use this as privacy. These days, people are using ‘Incognito Mode’ to browse the naughtier corners of the internet. Yes, Google Chrome’s incognito mode allows you to browse porn to your heart’s content and your laptop or phone will store no evidence of it.

Incognito Mode:

But many of us don’t know that Google appears to be aware of the function’s main use. When you open 100 incognito windows, a smiley or winky face appears. Instead of the normal tab counter in the top right-hand corner, users will see the cheeky face. Usually, you’d see a smiley face emoji if you were using regular, vanilla chrome. But because you’re being incognito, you get a cheeky winking face.


But, the winky face appears only on Android devices, whereas iOS users see a normal smiley. Google seem to be poking fun at productive users of incognito windows but it’s unclear why the faces appear. If you regularly use ‘Incognito Mode’, then you will be receiving a little message from Google regarding the usage of the mode.

It’s just another small Easter Egg from the mobile browser, which also gives you a little game to play if you ever get caught without mobile signal or Wi-Fi. According to Mashable, it could be that the app wasn’t designed to have more than two characters in the number of tabs field so rather than displaying three digits, they use a face instead. This is just one of many hidden features – known as Easter Eggs – in Google Chrome.


Another fun secret trick is a game you can play when a page is taking a while to load – press the spacebar and a dinosaur will appear. You can then play the game by tapping on the spacebar to make the dinosaur dodge obstacles. Another feature is that, if you search ‘google in 1998’ in your browser, you’ll be transported back to the original version of the search engine.

For your kind information, there are apparently tons of hidden features of Google Chrome that are yet to be discovered.

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