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Google Launches Native Gmail Add-ons for Web and Android

Google has officially announced that it’s launching of Gmail add-ons support. Gmail add-ons will be available on both web and Android platforms. The tech giant has already announced that it’s working on the add-ons for Gmail, at the I/O Developer Conference conducted earlier this year.


The add-ons will be developed by third-party developers and then integrates their services into Gmail. If you are a developer then you can create an add-on for your organization or an app and integrate it into Gmail. The main aim of introducing add-ons is to make it easy for the users to complete their tasks such as preparing a presentation or following up the sales without toggling between various apps or without leaving inbox.

Google explained about add-ons in its blog post as “With Gmail Add-ons, your inbox can contextually surface your go-to app based on messages you receive to help you get things done faster”. As add-ons work the same on both Android and web, there’s no need of installing an add-on on various devices. They can be accessed across all the devices after installing them once on a device.


To get started with the add-ons, click on the settings wheel on the top right of your inbox and then “Get add-on” which will open the G suite Marketplace.

Google mentioned that after it made add-ons available in the developer preview many of its partners have built the integrations to help businesses connect with customers, facilitate invoicing and tracking projects. Some of the partners that have built the integrations are Asana, Wrike Dialpad, Hire, Intuit QuickBooks Invoicing, Trello, ProsperWorks, Streak, RingCentral, and Smartsheet. There is an add-on, DocuSign which will be coming soon. It will allow the users to sign and execute contracts, agreements and other documents directly in Gmail.


Google add-ons are supported by web and Android. There’s no announcement of its support for iOS.

What do you think about the Google Add-ons? Share your views in the comments below!

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