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Hack any Blogspot Blog -Blogger Vulnerability :Prank your Friends

Recently one of my friends sent me the message saying that my blog was hacked and he gave me this url  . To my surprise it almost looked as if my blog is hacked and defaced but after checking the blog status and visiting back to the homepage I confirmed that the Blog is not hacked but its a vulnerability which is present in almost all the blogspot or blogger hosted blogs.Then I thought to prank my friends who have blogs on blogger and for a moment they underwent a shock thinking if their blog is actually hacked.This way you can also prank your blogger friends who have blogs hosted on Blogger platform.

Steps to Get Started with the Prank:

  1. Go to this link(

  2. The replace with your friends friends blog or website link.

  3. Now after posts/ you can type whatever you want and hit enter.

  4. This will show up a  message saying that “Invalid content type: Text you type”.Below is the screenshot of the same.

  1. You can type whatever you want after /posts.

  2. To make it more convincing use the words like Hacked by Anonymous ,Hacked by Palestine Hackers , Defaced by Pakisthani Hackers etc.

Note:This tutorial is solely for educational purpose and I am not encouraging hacking stuff.I am not responsible for any illegal usage of the above content.This tutorial doesnt show how to hack blogger blog instead its just a prank.

Do let us know what you have done with your friends and the kind of reaction you got from them in your comments.

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