Happy New Year 2015 Wishes Greetings Quotes in Hindi English

Happy New Year 2015 Wishes Images Greetings Quotes Shayari in Hindi English Gujarati: Finally don’t think at least once while enjoying this New Year with new thoughts, relations, ideas….., think about the mistakes you have committed but don’t feel sad about committing them as it is over and feel happy to learn something from those mistakes and be brave as you have gone through something. As we all heard Failures are stepping stones of success, learn from your failures. You may feel the same time and may be the date is changed but it’s just not a mere change in the date but the change should be in all aspects to cherish this year. Just don’t postpone the things to the next year but try to achieve in this year feeling that this is the last chance as we can’t expect how future turns into.

Don’t let the life to choose its own way, you design the life how you want it to be as god created you to enjoy the life along with the things he created. New Year is an opportunity to fill the desires, wants and plans to fulfill and turn it beautifully as you can’t deal with past anymore try to design the future. Renew your love towards all your dearest ones in a new way so that they feel happy, Make every day memorable in this year and complete the things which you regret about. New year starts means the time is also decreasing you may not get your age back once you have passed it, So love fully, forgive your enemies quickly, enjoy heart fully, live like you don’t get another chance, finally be yourself and don’t skip things which makes you happy for any reason. Try to make others happy by spreading the happiness, erase your ego, selfishness, mistakes…. As you can erase the feelings but not the things you have done. So try to change the nature to further not to regret the things you have done.

Life is not a paper and things are not written with pencil,

You can’t erase the situations but can stop them,

Erase the sorrows, ego and selfishness as they can be,

Discover yourself and enjoy the life.

New year 2015 SMS’s :

New year begins, let us pray,

That it will be a year with new peace,

New happiness, and abundance of new friends,

God bless you throughout the new year.    

Hope this new year brings you -H Hopes for a bright future,

A- Affection and love,

P- peace for the heart,

P- prosperity that is unlimited,

Y- year round fun…………….

Happy New Year 2015

May the light of success & Achievement

always shine on you the year & ever after

Happy Brand New Year

Before the sun sets in this year,

Before the memories fade,

Before the networks get jammed

Wish you and your family

Happy Sparkling New Year 2015.

Let Me Thank all the Good People like U,

Who made it so much Beautiful 4 Me.

I Pray U be Blessed with Faithful Years Ahead.

Time is like a river you can’t step on the same water twice,

Because the flow that has passed will never pass you again.