Here are 20 Hilarious Tweets For All The Crazy People Who Got Addicted To ‘Pokemon Go’

Pokemon Go’ is the word which is trending and buzzing on the Internet since few days. It is the latest game which is seen in every youth mobile phones. Pokemon Go has become a rage in no time and everyone from youngsters to their folks has got addicted to the game. Pokemon GO has turned us all into monsters. Youngsters are being more attracted by the game. There is something in the game that just makes everyday life a little bit more interesting. This is the first kind of game that was designed and it is rocking. Once if we connect to the game, the game literally changing lives of everyone with its interesting features.

“People who don’t usually exercise much have been walking for miles playing the addictive game which superimposes animated animals in front of real-life scenery, forcing you to take a walk.”

Here are Few Hilarious Twitter Reactions From The Pokemon Go Users:

What Simran actually wanted #PokemonGo — Faking News (@fakingnews) July 12, 2016

1998: stop playing pokemon and go outside 2016: stop playing pokemon and come inside — jonny sun (@jonnysun) July 12, 2016

I've talked to more strangers playing Pokemon than I've ever met in my life. — Matthew Lush (@MatthewLush) July 12, 2016

When all your friends are out catching pokemon but you're out of pokeballs — Sebb Argo (@SebbArgo) July 12, 2016

Never in my life have I ever thought that I would type the words #PokemonGO into a police report. — Wyoming (MN) Police (@wyomingpd) July 12, 2016

*hits bump while driving* I think I just hit a Pokemon — Shubble (@shelbygraces) July 11, 2016

Off to the gym guys… 💪👊🏻 And by gym… I mean Pokemon gym. — Will Darbyshire (@willdarbyshire) July 12, 2016

*on intercom* this is ur pilot speaking, ima catch a Pokemon outside my window real quick fam dont bug out if the plane starts going down — one of ur hoes (@miliondollameat) July 12, 2016

Walked three miles today. Not for exercise. For Pokemon. — Colin Woodell (@ColinWoodell) July 12, 2016

Real talk though why is this Jigglypuff leading me to this unmarked white van #PokemonGO — Alex Hirsch (@_AlexHirsch) July 11, 2016

She thought I wanted her pic😂😂 #PokemonGO — Grimstyles (@Grimstyles661) July 11, 2016

I told him we were going to put pennies on the tracks @PokemonGoApp