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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Lenovo Bendable Phone For Your Wrist

During the launch of its latest smartphones at its Tech World conference in San Francisco, the Chinese firm ‘Lenovo’ wowed people, showing off some of its experimental technology, including a foldable smartphone and tablet. Officially known as the CPlus, Lenovo’s senior vice president Peter Hortensius introduced a long phone that has a flexible screen which allows you to bend the phone around your wrist like a slap bracelet.

The Lenovo Bendable Phone For Your Wrist (5)

“Over the past two years Lenovo has been transforming, making major acquisitions in mobile and infrastructure to expand beyond our core PC business,” said Yuanqing Yang, the company’s chairman and chief executive officer. “I was told we’d better launch something pretty exciting.”

The Lenovo Bendable Phone For Your Wrist (4)

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About CPlus:

  1. With a flexible display and internal hardware, the smartphone can turn into a wearable device by wrapping it around the wrist.

  2. It’s not just a bendable screen, the device also boasts bendable hardware and batteries.

  3. The slap-bracelet wrist-phone has hinges that allow the bracelet to articulate. You can see the gaps along the phone where there are no hinges, and that’s where the non-bendable electronic guts placed.

  4. Lenovo claims that even with all these hinges, a device like this wouldn’t be much heavier or thicker than a typical smartphone – which is impressive.

  5. This device might cost more than your average device.

  6. It is still in the development stage and no timeframe has been given for its launch.

  7. Lenovo is not the first company to demonstrate a bendy phone, just days before Samsung unveiled its own version.

lenovo bendable smartphone

The other flexible device which wowed the people at Lenovo Tech World 2016 is the Folio tablet that can be bent in half to act as a phone, making it easier to carry and use. The bendy handset would come in two sizes, large and small. It would also have a 4.26-inch flexible display, use the Android operating system and come in 12 different colours.

The Lenovo Bendable Phone For Your Wrist and Folio tablet (3)

Lenovo did not announce any names or potential release dates for its new flexible electronics. It is expected that more details about Lenovo’s flexible smartphone and tablet may come out later during the conference.

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