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How To Change CIMB Clicks Password, Username, User ID, Security Question

How To Change CIMB Clicks Password, Username, User ID, Security Question – This news would not have grown so big and become a giant if there was not any hacking news of CIMB circulating over the internet. But, as of now, what will make your day is a piece of good news that – “CIMB denies its online banking system was hacked, assures all is secure.”

How To Change CIMB Clicks Password

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How To Change CIMB Clicks Password, Username, User ID, Security Question

After this incident took place, now the official website of CIMB Clicks that is has a Popup of the Important Notice on it’s a website. That is, We would like to inform CIMB Clicks customer that we recently introduced the use of reCaptcha as an additional authentication measure to enhance customers’ security.

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We have also enhanced our password security to accept passwords longer than eight (8) characters. Please be assured that our CIMB Clicks system remains secure and all our customers’ transactions continue to be protected.

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  1. Use a combination of letters, numbers and characters for your password.

  2. Change your password regularly.

  3. NOT disclose your password TAC to anyone.

For more information please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs.

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Now, without further ado, let’s switch onto and learn about How To Change the CIMB Clicks Password right now. Here’s the step by step guide. But just to let you know, throughout this guide, by the term password, indirectly we’re referring to Credit Card & Kwik Card PIN.

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In general, there are two options through which the PIN can be changed via CIMB Clicks that is – 1.) CIMB Bank / CIMB Islamic Bank ATM or 2.) CIMB Clicks. Just after unveiling the direct steps in front of you. We will also tell about the best tips and tricks that can preferably be followed for a successful password changing procedure of CIMB Clicks.

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  1. First of all, you will have to login into the Click account with the help of Username and Password.

  2. Now go to the Services Button. And, over there just opt in for Account and Cards menu.

  3. Click on PIN Request/Change and select either Prepaid Card or Credit Card from the list.

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  1. Select the particular card number required for PIN change.

  2. Key in the old PIN that you wish to change from and then key in the new selected PIN.

  3. You have to key in the new selected PIN again and both fields must match.

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  1. If you do not have an Old PIN, you can request for a Temporary PIN by clicking the ‘Request’ button.

  2. CIMB Clicks will prompt a message to notify that your existing PIN will be overwritten if you proceed with this request. A temporary PIN will be sent to your registered mobile number.

  3. Request for TAC.

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  1. PIN change will be authenticated with 2nd Level Authentication (TAC). TAC will be sent to your mobile number.

  2. Insert TAC and confirm the PIN change and CIMB Clicks will verify.

  3. You will receive an SMS upon PIN change completion.

Now, let’s have a look at the tips, you need to keep in mind.

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If you’re holding any questions regarding How To Change CIMB Clicks Password, Username, User ID, Security Question, please don’t forget to let us know through the comment box given below. Also, below provided are the links of interesting reads on Paytm Banks, CIMB Banks, Tips of changing the password, online shopping portal etc. of ALLTECHBUZZ media, so please have a look –

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