How To Change Language In Facebook Lite App/ Messenger/ Jio Phone/ Laptop

How To Change Language In Facebook Lite App/ Messenger/ Jio Phone/ Laptop – As per the official statistics, Facebook is available in 43 languages and is in the process of being translated into another 60 languages.

And, you will be shocked to know that almost 40% of Facebook users are not using the English language.

Thus, here many must be looking for how to change the language on Facebook. In a country like India, many people will want to convert it into Hindi or any other regional language.

Generally, the Facebook works in the same language in which your smartphone’s default language is set to.

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STEP 1: Go to the top right of Facebook and click 

STEP 2: Click Settings

STEP 3: Click Language

STEP 4: Click Edit next to What language do you want Facebook to appear in? and select a language.

But, what if you would like to change your language back to English.

It’s simple, again –

STEP 1: Tap at the top of any Facebook page.

STEP 2: Scroll down and tap Settings & Privacy > Language.

STEP 3: Select the language you want Facebook to appear in.

How To Change Language In Facebook Lite App/ Messenger/ Jio Phone/ Laptop

Now, since you’ve learnt to change the language, the next thing you might want to know about are the latest tips from the side of ALLTECHBUZZ media. First one is to blink the bee. Blink the Bee is essentially a bot that you can message on Facebook and it will automatically keep track of certain thing you want to remember. So, anytime something important pops into your head, for example, I want to remember to pick up my password on the way to the airport. Simply send a message to blink and then at some point in time, that you have agreed with the bot, it will send your Facebook Message containing the information you store it to save and because you are receiving this notification in the form of a Facebook message. There’s an obvious thing about it that just catches you off guard a bit it demands attention in a way that a standard notification app might not. So, then we have got cell feed.

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This is something you can download on your smartphone and it’s a way to send real-life emojis after taking a whole series of selfies to express the different moods you want to save, you can then automate the process so if you ever wanted to send somebody a little bit more of a personalised thumbs up for a little bit more of a personalised said face.

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All you need to do is to head on to your emojis in your keyboard, send over the football and then when you see it in the chat double tap it the game, just simply pops up the objective is to essentially keep hitting the ball and prevent it from falling through at its core. Its very basic game but at the same time, the fact that it’s integrated within the Facebook Messenger app means you can find yourself having these quite competitive battles with people you wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to game with.


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A very quick code to type to be able to instantly recall a lot of the more popular emojis a link if you are the interesting ones in the description below. So, if you have an android phone using the simple Pro application is a way to have access to Facebook.

Facebook Login Page

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Then we thought something for the nausea ones among us by typing in photos liked by you could go on photos like by me and see all of the past photos you’ve liked the more important spin-off effect of this as you can see photos liked by other people. So, for example, someone you are trying to stalk this gives you a much better idea of the Activity Feed than simply visiting their profile. Something which I see surprisingly few numbers of people actually using is sound clips. This is made by Facebook themselves.

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But at the same time by understanding the algorithm of the Facebook you must learn how to grow the organic reach in Facebook. Once the chief technical engineer at Facebook described ALGO of Facebook in his own terminologies as A for Audience, L for Learn, G for Grow and O for Outcome. In a nutshell, the Algorithm is your Audience or your Audience is your Algorithm. Let’s take an example for this, tens of thousands of people watch the Super Bowl as an Americal Football Sports. Their audience is very engaged in what they do.

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We want to protect our users, so they have been making it harder and harder for people or brands, rather get into the newsfeed and it’s becoming the sort of a pay to play the type of environment. Now one understands that if the content is not being produced that good, you must get out of the news feed. But, if you want to get in the newsfeed with some good content, here are some amazing tips that will help you get there.

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Posting videos, posting images, posting gifts, posting polls, posting just tech stuff, posting different styles of content. And, different types of topics. So, you can better understand your users. You’re not doing this and this is hurting you. So, start publishing more diverse content. Second tips you must keep in mind is to create a dialogue. You’re not asking for engagement, you’re actually not creating a dialogue with your fans and followers.

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Whether you’re on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, it’s just not going to work. So, I really recommend taking a look at your content that you’re publishing there and saying, How do we actually start creating a dialogue with our fans and followers. So, here’s a prime example. Say you’re a shoe brand and you want to get your latest shoes out there. Now, if you publish the post about the shoes and say go them here’s the link (20% off) that might be all correct.

Best Facebook Tips 2019

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That opens up the questions and gets people talking and gets the comments, which then pushes you more into the newsfeed and get you more organic reach. So, concluding tip number 2 is – if you follow, it is asked for the engagement, asked for the dialogue, asked to share as people to create a conversation with you. According to the latest news available, Messenger may be finally coming back to Facebook.

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