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How To Enable Remote Desktop In Windows 7 Using CMD or Through Registry

How To Enable Remote Desktop In Windows 7 Using CMD or Through Registry – Remote Desktop is in need these days. And, to fulfil your need, today on ALLTECHBUZZ, we have a step by step guide for How to Enable Remote Desktop.

The best part is that this guide works best both for Windows 10, Windows 7 and other versions.

So, without further ado, let’s get started by clicking on Start Button in the left corner. Then, right click on Computer option and go to properties.

And on XP, you will get these windows over here. But on a Vista, you got to come down here and click change settings. So, then we want to go to the remote tab.

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How To Enable Remote Desktop In Windows 7 Using CMD or Through Registry

Now, remote desktop is available on Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista Ultimate, Business or Enterprise, Windows 7 Ultimate or the business editions of Windows 7, its available on server 2008, server 2003.

And, it’s available in server 2000 but it may be an add-on. But that’s when they introduced it was with server 2000 but it’s not available on windows 2000 pro.

You can get the viewer but you can’t get the server on it, Which means that you can’t remote desktop into server 2000 machine.

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So, in Vista, they introduced a new remote desktop.

This is the old XP Desktop which they claim is less secure. And, they introduced this new version which is supposed to be more secure.

But I like the old less secure because I worry about my Linux Machines or my Windows XP machines not being able to connect so I am going to click Apply and OK.

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Now, one more thing you have to do is either A) You have a set a password by clicking CTRL + ALT+ Delete and then change the password or you could set up the completely separate user by right click computer option in the start menu, then go to manage, then go into computer management.

Actually, I will need to pull up the computer properties again and change the system settings to show you this. So, go to remote and we’re going to set up another user on this computer.

So, here’s computer management. Local users and computer groups users.

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Right,-click a new user will call this one remote and give them a password. So, you will not have the remote user and You can give permission to the remote user.

Currently, I am an administrator but I don’t have a password.

So if I had a password I would automatically have remote login rights but I want to do select user and add and remote. So the remote users there click OK. And, OK again.

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So, if you’ve got another firewall besides the windows firewall, you are going to figure out how to open up port 3389 so that it allows remote desktop connections.

So let me do a CMD, see what my IP address is (To find out your own IP address, you will have to type ipconfig in Command Prompt).

At my end, it is So, I am an administrator currently logged on the computer.

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No one else can remote desktop until I log out or until all administrators log out. Only one person can remote desktop into a client OS at a time.

So, log off and then I am going to minimise this window.

So, I am going to come down here and I can find a remote desktop in the menu by typing in remote desktop or if you got windows XP you can click start and run and type in MSTSC.EXE.

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So, it’s Yes. And then remote and password is the one you set earlier. It’s going to allow me to remote desktop into the machine.

Now basically the three things you need is one you need two opening on port 3389, going to that machine.

You need a remote desktop allowed on the machine and you need a user who has the ability to remote desktop and a password.

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So, those are the big three things that you need. And of course you need a remote desktop client, but, if you get a windows machine.

You have probably got one remote desktop already installed to where you can remote desktop into machines.

Even if you have a home. You can probably still remote desktop into other machines.

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Hopefully, this guide would have solved all your questions regarding remote desktop password, windows 7 remote desktop client, how to enable remote desktop in windows 7 from another computer, windows 10 remote desktop app, remote desktop connection windows 7, enable remote desktop windows server 2012, how to enable remote desktop in Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Still, if you are having any questions regarding How To Enable Remote Desktop In Windows 7 Using CMD or Through Registry, please do let us know in the comment box below.

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