How To Get Job In Google Company (India) As A Fresher Without Degree

How To Get Job In Google Company (India) As A Fresher Without Degree – According to a recent article in Business Insider, Google is the second best tech company to work at in 2018. The list is compiled after taking into account, what employees had written on the job website, Glassdoor.

How To Get Job In Google Company (India) As A Fresher Without Degree

Extremely intelligent and competent co-workers, exciting products, great management, amazing perks etc. are kept in the mind. Google is not only one of the world’s leading tech companies but has always sold itself as Uber Cook.

A little bit wacky and wonderful, if not according to some employees – stressful. These are hard fought for jobs, and you will need to impress in the interview. Let’s see today if you would pass muster in an interview.

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How To Get Job In Google Company (India) As A Fresher Without Degree

There were times when it was almost impossible to get a job without a college degree. But, fortunately, gone are those days when degrees used to measure the talent of the individual.

Now, a new trend is beginning from the side of the USA (the United States of America). Many fortune 500 companies in the USA are ready to recruit or hire those candidates who are talented enough to solve their problems, irrespective of the fact whether they’re graduated or not.

And, in this today’s guide on ALLTECHBUZZ, step by step you will learn – How To Get Job In Google Company (India) As A Fresher Without Degree.

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Undoubtedly, India is quite a large exporter for IT (Information Technology) services and BPO services. If talking about 2014-15, 57% of GDP constituted from these two sectors.

In a country like India, you can easily get a job in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and IT (Information Technology) sectors. But the only problem is that you’re undervalued when it comes to this sector.

You will have to work as labour even for a very low salary at all. So, if you’re having a college degree or not, but you need to be very good at specific skills like Data Scientist, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence etc. if you want to work in IT sector in India.

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Even as of today, In Google Company there are vacancies for various posts such as – Competition Counsel (German), Cloud Success Engagement Lead, Cloud Services Business Transformation, Manager, Government Affairs and Public Policy; Strategic Sourcing Data and Technology Manager, Center of Excellence; Escalations and Process Lead, Agent Enablement, YouTube; Head of Industry, Video and Brand Advertising; Silicon Validation/ Embedded Software Engineer, Devices and Services; Pixel System Validation Engineer, Devices and Services; Logistics Operations Manager (English, Spanish); Director of Global Investigations; Data Center Facilities Technician, University Graduate; Manager, Small Business Sales, Google Customer Solutions; Machinist, Consumer Hardware, Telco Partner Manager, Google Cloud (English, German).

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And, Chip Design Methodology Engineer; Manager, Learning Content Programs and Partnerships; Marketing Strategy and Operations Manager (Japanese, English); Engineer Director, Actions on Google; Training Program Manager, Trust and Safety, YouTube; Data Analyst, Devices and Services; Software Engineer; Industrial Designer, Consumer Hardware; Sales Engineer, Google Cloud; Data Scientist, Engineering; Staff Software Engineer, Product Manager; Technical Program Manager, Cloud Programs; Software Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer; Logistics Operations Program Manager; Inventory/ Cost of Services Accountant, Devices and Services; Manufacturing Test Development Engineer, Software Tools; Core Products Lead, Government Affairs and Public Policy.

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And, Instructional Designer, Mastery Team; Business Development Manager, Agency (German); Media Solutions Specialist, Display and Video 360 (Italian); Program Manager, Supply Chain Operations; Specialist Manager, Large Customer Sales; Solutions Consulting Manager; Head of Marketing Activation, Google Cloud; Measurement Solutions Consultant. Although these above mentioned current job openings or vacancies require degrees. For example, Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Physics, Computer Engineering, Materials Science, related field, or equivalent practical experience AND 3 years of experience in manufacturing or product validation test development AND 2 years of experience developing web-based software, using a Python framework and relational/NoSQL database solutions AND 1 year of experience working in manufacturing environments is the minimum qualifications required to become a Manufacturing Test Development Engineer, Software Tools.

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In this same way, various jobs are having various requirements. Only online application forms can be filled for these jobs. No method of applying offline or by post is available.

And, to apply online, you will have to visit the official website first i.e., then you will have to select the vacant post, check if the minimum qualifications and preferred qualifications match with your resume or not?