How To Stop Auto Update In Windows 10 Pro (When Connected To Wi-Fi)

How To Stop Auto Update In Windows 10 Pro (When Connected To Wi-Fi) – How To Stop Auto Update In Windows 10 Pro (When Connected To Wi-Fi) – First of all, go to start and then settings and then we’re going to go down to update and security. Now, ordinarily, this is where the option to disable the automatic updates would actually be. But unfortunately, as it is no longer actually here, all right, options are gone so to get able automatic updating feature. 

How To Stop Auto Update In Windows 10 Pro

The first approach I am going to show you will apply to Windows Home and Professional. The second approach will only apply to professional. For home and professional both, alright, we are going to do is simply go down to search and type in control and then click on the control panel desktop app at the top of the results. Once the control panel opens you are going to go to upto the upper right where it says view by and you are going to change that to large icons.

After you’re done son, Go ahead and click on administrative tools right here. Next, after that, you will want to locate services down the list, double click on that, once the services windows open, scroll all the way down on the bottom and locate the windows update service over on the left, so we are going double click it alright now.

This exit controls the windows updates alright so to stop it from doing the automatic updates, just click stop. Now if you just do it, this way it only applies to the local session. But you want to permanently disable the automatic updating. Go upto startup type and select disable.

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How To Stop Auto Update In Windows 10 Pro (When Connected To Wi-Fi)

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Then just click Okay out of all this. Now you can see down here now where it says it’s actually disabled. This will apply immediately after you do it. Now, if you ever want to re-enable the automatic updates, come right back to this area and then double click on windows update.

Change the startup type back to what it was – automatic (delayed start). Click apply in the lower right, it may take some time. Then again click start to start its backup. Now it will be back to where it was before when it was installing updates in the background. Now, alright and unlike said that this approach applies to Windows Home and one does professional. The second approach will only apply to Windows Professional.

The second approach is by utilizing the group policies. So, what we are going to do is we are going to press the Windows Key on the lower left of your keyboard between the control and ALT key. Then we will press R so that Windows+R together to open the run command. Once the windows run command opens up, just type in MMC which is M means Michael, C means Charles and then press enter or click OK. Next, We are going to click Yes at the UAC right.

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Now, this is the Microsoft Management console. Next step is to click on FILE from the upper left menu and then click on add remove snap. Next, you will scroll down the list on the left and double click on group policy option. And, then click on the Finish button for the local computer and then click OK. Next, we will go over to Local Computer Police and click on it so that it expands.

Then we will expand the computer configuration (remember that all this to be done in the backside of the window where you selected File option from the upper left corner). Now we will expand the Administrative Template. Lastly, you will have to finally expand the windows components, all right. Now scroll down on the left a little bit and you will want to double click on windows update.

Over on the right, we are going to locate configure automatic updates and should be the fifth one down. Next step is to double click it and the new windows open up. Now, by default, this particular policy is not configured alright. So, what you are going to do is we are going to enable it on in the upper left and then right down here under the configure automatic updating, this will lead your screen to some more options now.

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Now in the drop-down menu, there will be four major options – Notify for download and notify for install, auto download and notify for install, auto download and schedule the install and allow local admin to choose settings. Out of these four options, what you need to select is to notify for download and notify for install.

This way, it will prompt you to download and also prompt you to install updates. Thereby, hopefully, bypassing some possible driver conflicts in the future. So, all you have to do at this point is click OK. Ever since Windows 10 was released, Microsoft has brought a number of updates for it.

There has been an anniversary update, the creator’s update. Each update has brought the numerous cool features to the operating system and this also means that there are several hidden features and tricks in Windows 10 that you might have missed out on.

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