How To Use Paytm Postpaid Money To Wallet (In Hindi)

How To Use Paytm Postpaid Money To Wallet (In Hindi) – Paytm Postpaid Services has been initially launched on 4th January 2019. According to Paytm Terms and Conditions, only very few Paytm Users will be able to use this service or eligible for it.

How To Use Paytm Postpaid Money To Wallet

Later, a credit limit of Rs. 60,000 can be paid next month. Using Paytm Postpaid money is extremely simple. But, first of all, you will have to confirm that either you’re eligible for this or not? Initially, you will have to set your passcode to start using Paytm Postpaid.

Step 1: Login to Paytm App.

Step 2: Go to Security and Settings under profile.

Step 3: Click on Set Passcode/ Change Passcode

Step 4: Set Your Passcode.

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Next, it is super important for you to learn how does the Paytm Postpaid Works?

  1. Check Paytm Postpaid: Go to Profile, Click onPaytm Postpaid.

  2. Two Step Application Process: Provide Aadhar & PAN Details.

  3. Get your Spends Limit: Based on your Paytm Purchases.

  4. Shop Anytime Anywhere: Choose Paytm Postpaid as Payment Mode.

  5. View Purchases in Passbook: All your Paytm Postpaid orders will be visible in Passbook.

  6. Pay by 15th Next Month: Repay using Wallet, Debit Cards & Netbanking.

How To Use Paytm Postpaid Money To Wallet (In Hindi)

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Paytm is indeed a Payment Gateway. And after learning about How To Use Paytm Postpaid Money To Wallet (In Hindi), you also need to take a look at – What is a payment gateway and how does it work?

A payment gateway is a software application that payment service providers use to process payments or online purchases.

Originating on a merchants website. It acts as an interface between the merchant’s website and a payment processing bank known as an acquirer.

Generally, a gateway can be used for many types of payment methods but for the purpose of this guide on ALLTECHBUZZ media, we will solely focus on online credit card payment.

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The gateway encrypts sensitive credit card details to ensure that information is passed securely between the customer, the merchant and the acquiring bank.

When a customer purchases a product or service on a website that is connected to a payment gateway, the gateway performs a variety of tasks to process the transaction.