iPhone X Problems And Their Fixes

The iPhone X has been launched about two weeks ago, and as more people get their hands on the hardware, plenty of issues have been discovered with the Apple’s new flagship device. From small issues that can be easily fixed to the bigger ones that will require a software fix from Apple, there are problems that iPhone X owners are facing with.

Here, we have compiled a list of common iPhone X problems that have been surfaced over Apple’s own Support Communities, Twitter, and other forums. And we have also given fixes and workarounds to make sure your new iPhone keeps working perfectly.

  1. Problem 1: iPhone X Activation Issues

  2. Problem 2: Green Lines Appearing on iPhone X Display

  3. Problem 3: iPhone X Touchscreen Becomes Unresponsive in Cold Temperatures

  4. Problem 4: Yellowish Tint

  5. Problem 5: ‘Crackling’ Sound From Speakers

  6. Problem 6: Screen burn-in

Problem 1: iPhone X Activation Issues

iPhone X-Problems-Activation-Issues

As many iPhone owners are complaining, some iPhone X units are failing to successfully activate on their chosen network.

Fix: As noted by MacRumors, the issue appears to be occurred due to over-crowding on Apple’s server since so many people from all over the world who got their handsets on Nov 6 were trying to activate their new iPhone. However, the issue has since then been resolved.

But, if you are still facing activation issues with your new iPhone X, try a few times to activate it as it seems to work after a few attempts, or perhaps restart your device. Otherwise, simply contact Apple or your network operator.

Problem 2: Green Lines Appearing on iPhone X Display


A small but increasing number of iPhone X users from across the globe are reporting about persistent green line appearing on the left or right side of their screen display. People who have experienced the issue say the line does not appear when you first turn on the phone, but after a period of time and usage, while others noted it appears when the phone is rebooting and still others have it show up on the lock screen. There does not appear to be any other reports of damage on the devices, either, so it would seem to be a display issue.

Samsung, the manufacturer of the iPhone X OLED display, had a similar problem with the Samsung Galaxy S7, leading people to believe this may be a hardware problem.

Fix: This is an issue with the OLED panel itself and cannot be fixed by a software update. If your iPhone X unit has any such issues, take it to your nearest Apple store or authorized service center and get a replacement. Apple is currently replacing affected units and also gathering data from the damaged devices to determine the source of the problem.

Problem 3: iPhone X Touchscreen Becomes Unresponsive in Cold Temperatures


A number of iPhone X owners have reported that their device stops responding when they are in cold temperatures. The issue has been primarily occurring with iPhone X owners living in colder parts of the world or if they subject their phone to sudden changes in temperature. The problem typically only lasts a few seconds though some users have experienced a longer freeze-up. Luckily, Apple has already acknowledged this issue and is working on a software update to fix the issue.

Fix: Some of the iPhone X owners said that locking/unlocking the screen will fix the problem.

Problem 4: Yellowish Tint

iPhone-X-Problems -Yellowish-Tint

Some iPhone X owners have reported about a yellowish tint/hue on their display. The warmer tone of the display has been irritating many new iPhone owners with many blaming the new OLED panel for this.

As it turns out, the yellowish tint on the iPhone X display is due to the ‘True Tone’ feature on the device which first debuted on the iPad Pro. With this feature enabled, the iPhone X’s display will automatically change the display color temperature depending on the surroundings. So if you step into a dimly lit room, the iPhone X’s screen will get slightly warmer (yellower). Thus this helps reduce eye strain and improve readability. This effect is so subtle that you usually don’t even know when it’s active.


Fix: If the warmer tone of the display is annoying you, you can disable ‘True Tone’ for a while, or just turn off the feature altogether from the Settings menu on the iPhone X. To permanently disable True Tone feature, open the Settings menu, head to ‘Display & Brightness’ and then tap on