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KickAss Torrents Kicks Back After Being Offline For A Week

Since the past two weeks, all the torrent lovers were sad due to the ban of favourite torrent websites and Kickass torrents. It was like that we lost our best friend. But fortunately, torrentz came back yesterday. And now, one more good news for the torrent lovers. Kickass torrents is back.

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Kickass Torrents Is Back:

A decade ago, we came across various torrent search engines. But unfortunately in 2009 major file sharing sites which belonged to the torrent community were closed by the authorities. So, In February 2009 a fresh engine KickassTorrents was established. The site has many innovative functions that have been improved out of the elder systems. Now it has more than 10 million files being shared on the whole, as hundreds of thousands of users communicate and share data daily in different languages worldwide. Right from the beginning, Kickass torrents continued to gain spots on Alexa ranking charts. But unfortunately, from the past one month we were unable to download torrents from this site as  Artem Vaulin, the owner of kickass torrents was arrested on 20th July,2016.

kickass torrents

For the new link, click here.

Note: The home page of the site is not updated. So it shows the list of old movie torrents. But you can download the latest stuff by searching for the required content.

So, it’s proved that for the sake of torrent lovers, Kickass torrents and Torrentz have followed the concept of “never give up”.

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