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Acting isn’t just an interest or a hobby but a passion. To make a place for yourself in the industry, it is vital that you are not only hardworking and dedicated but also passionate. The passion for acting is essential to bring about the heat to whatever role, big or small; you are playing.

The film industry is massive. Although there are numerous roles which one can opt for in order to become a part of the industry, if you dream of becoming an actor, your journey won’t be very smooth. Landing yourself a role is not a piece of cake. With the ever-increasing competition and never-ending queues of aspiring artists outside the offices of casting agents, you may feel that making a place for yourself in Hollywood is next to impossible.

One tip that you should always follow is – try your luck in Hollywood only if you are passionate. If you lack the passion, you will stand nowhere in competition with individuals who could spend their lives struggling with the hope that they will get a break one day!

If you are someone who just discovered their love for acting and dream of becoming an actor in Hollywood, you must be wondering where to start. As we said, it is not an easy journey, but at the end of the day, the struggle never goes to waste, and you are sure to get the fruit at one point in your life.

Talent Agencies

If you are new to the industry, feeling lost is normal. However, associating yourself with a talent agency is one of the biggest favors you can do for yourself. A talent agency is an agency that helps a newbie in finding relevant jobs and roles. Talent agencies assist young and aspiring individuals to launch their careers in Hollywood. They have a widespread network in the industry and have contacts with renowned figures from Hollywood, and therefore, they know where an actor is needed and what type of actor is needed.

Talent agencies are contacted by the casting directors. They inform the talent agencies what the requirements of the role are. The talent agency conducts auditions and shortlists the most suited candidates for the role. Once the process of filtration is complete, the talent agent recommends the potential candidates to the casting director who then makes the final decision.

The talent agencies ask you to sign a contract according to which a stated percentage of your earnings go to the casting agent.

Talent Agencies vs. Casting Networks

It is okay for a newcomer to be confused between talent agencies and casting agencies. While talent agencies are directly associated with the talent, casting agencies are directly associated with a specific project. While talent agencies are responsible to prepare a pool of potential candidates that they recommend to casting agencies when asked, a casting agency is linked to a particular project and is hired to get the job of casting the best actors done.

If you are new, you are most likely to be on the panel of a talent agency rather than a casting agency. It is the talent agency that will represent you before the casting agency.

Stepping Into Hollywood

The first step towards Hollywood involves making an association with a reputable talent agency. The better the talent agency, the higher are the chances that bigger casting networks are their clients. The casting agency is more like a middleman. The producers, directors, and the entire film crew is on one side, and the potential actors and talent agencies are on the other with casting agencies serving the purpose of the bridge between the sides. Once you succeed in becoming a part of a casting agency, you are good to go from that point onwards.

Best Casting Networks of Hollywood

The casting agency takes up the responsibility to train you and help you form a liaison with the directors and producers. If you wish to make a place for yourself in Hollywood, your target should be to get on the panel of the best casting agency so that you can kick-start your acting career and have a clearer vision of where you see things going.

  1. Laura Rosenthal Casting

  2. Telsey and Company

  3. Casting Artists, Inc

  4. Amy Lippens Casting

  5. Automatic Sweat

  6. Aquila/Wood Casting

  7. Burrows/Boland Casting

  8. CP Casting and Acting Studio

  9. Sheila Jaffe Casting

  10. Debra Zane Casting

  11. April Webster Casting

  12. Jennifer Euston Casting

  13. Avy Kauffman Casting

  14. Allison Jones Casting

  15. Lynn Kressel Casting

  16. Central Casting

  17. Jeff-Olan Casting

  18. Barbara McNamara Casting

  19. Tara Rubin Casting

  20. Big Pictures Casting, Inc.

  21. Take Acting Classes

  22. Participate in Art Theater or Plays

  23. Take Your First Head Shots

  24. Prepare Your Resume

  25. Get Into a Filmmaking or Acting School

  26. Keep An Eye for Short Films Opportunities

  27. Prepare the Demo Reel

  28. Sign Yourself Up with a Talent Agency

  29. Keep Networking

Laura Rosenthal Casting

The Casting agency which tops the list of best Hollywood casting companies is Laura Rosenthal Casting. Founded by the primetime Emmy Award-winning casting director for ‘Outstanding Casting for a Limited Series, Movie or Special’ category, Laura Rosenthal’s casting agency which also goes by the name ‘The Audition Lab’ is an ideal place for producers and directors to place their actors’ requirements. As much as Laura and her co-founding casting director cum friend, Maribeth Fox loves to work with Hollywood producers and directors, they also provide mentoring classes to aspiring actors and help them market themselves online plus master their auditioning skills so that they may succeed in front of other casting directors and the final film directors and producers.

Laura Rosenthal is accredited for her casting direction contribution to movies such as The Kids Are All Right (2010), Carol (2015), Chicago (2002) and I’m Not There (2007). Her company currently has about 11-50 employees and accepts candidates’ headshots and resumes via mail only. She does not respond to portfolios dropped off randomly or sent when they were not asked for. If an opportunity occurs, casting calls are opened. Better yet, if you are on one of her mentoring classes, she might pick you up from there straight up. Laura Rosenthal’s Auditioning Lab casting directs actors for not just film but TV shows and commercials too.

Casting Agency Contact Details:

Name: Laura Rosenthal Casting