Man Arrested For Threatening Healthcare Firm With Cyber Attacks For Not Hiring Him

People try out various methods to impress the interviewer to get hired at a firm of their choice. But going to an extreme extent and threatening a firm for not hiring is not something we usually hear. This is what happened with a North-Carolina based firm TSI Healthcare when a man who took his interview very seriously intimidated the firm to face dire consequences if they didn’t hire him.


Todd Michael Gori, a 28-year-old resident of Wenatchee, Washington, had threatened the Chapel Hill company TSI Healthcare that he would start cyber attacks against the company if they didn’t fire its current female employee and hire him instead.

According to the court documents, Gori sent an email from this Washington State residence which read:

“This is not a threat…This is not a means of leverage. This is saving myself and [identity redacted] and if you do not comply you can prepare for the most annoying and pesky uphill cyber battle your company has ever seen.”

“I’m giving you guys 72 hours to respond until the attack goes full scale. There is nothing that can be done to stop the attacks. I have run multiple penetration tests on your entire network and your company fails miserably.”

The company immediately reported the incident to the FBI after receiving the emails. It turns out that Gori was previously accused of threatening to get a gun and shoot people at a company by travelling to North Carolina by a grand jury. However, those charges were dropped by federal prosecutors.

In this current incident, the documents revealed that Gori had some personal grudge against the female employee working at TSI Healthcare whom he mentioned in his email. Apparently, the female employee had rejected his job application several times in the past.

Gori wrote in his email about the female employee that: “I am giving you, TSI healthcare two choices. You either lay-off [identity redacted] and replace her with me, an operator 100x better that she is oppressing. Or I will take out your entire company along with my comrades via a cyber attack.”

“Again you have two choices. Get rid of her and hire me. Or slowly be chipped away at until you are gone. She is a horrible operator that can only manage 2 screens with an over-inflated travel budget. I fly at least 10x as many places as this loon on 1/5th of the budget. ”

“I have petitioned for a job with you guys with her as a reference as I am a felon with computer skills and need assistance getting work as technically I have ‘no work history’. She declines every time and buries me even further.”

In his email, Gori mentioned that he had already pen-tested TSI Healthcare’s website and identified security vulnerabilities.

Eventually, Gori was arrested in August 2017 and had pleaded guilty to the crime on September 6, 2017. Last week, he was sentenced to 37 months in the federal prison by the judge after removing other charges from the charge sheet when he pleaded guilty. Additionally, Gori has been sentenced to 3 years of supervised release.

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