Metropcs Bill Pay Options and Latest Offers 2019

Days have gone when people had to carry cash with them for bill payment. Now, one can easily pay the Metro PCS bill via several payment options offered by the company. Metro PCS is a wireless company that is now owned by T- Mobile.

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  1. What are the Metropcs payment options to pay a bill?

  2. Payment via Text:

  3. Using Dropbox for payment:

  4. Payment over the phone call:

  5. Payment at Machine Location:

  6. You can also pay via mail:

  7. You can directly visit the counter and pay the bill:

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What are the Metropcs payment options to pay a bill?

Payment using E-Wallet: E-Wallet is the simplest and fastest way to pay your Metro PCS bill. First of all, you need to create an account and sign in, then add money to your wallet using a credit card and then pay the bill. This method of bill payment is absolutely free. After bill payment, you can also use the rest of the amount for purchasing other applications. Apart from bill payment, E-wallet can be used for many other purposes like online shopping, paying bills, and transferring funds to other accounts.

Payment via Text:

You just need to add funds to your electronic wallet using credit or debit card then reply to the text sent to your mobile, and your bill will be paid. It is again a free service, and you will not be charged.

Using Dropbox for payment:

In this option, you just need to walk down to the dropbox of Metro PCS authorized outlets and drop your payment voucher in it. The best thing is that it is absolutely easy and free.