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Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Mount (26” to 55”)

Advantages of TV Mount

Constant headaches, neck pain, and weak eye-sight are three signs that prove that the viewing angle from which you watch TV is not perfect. If the TV screen is not perpendicular to your line of sight, you will be a victim of headaches, neck pain, and other mental and physical health problems.

The position of the screen concerning your line of sight is an essential factor to consider when mounting your TV. It must be noted that the right viewing angle for your kids might not be the perfect viewing angle for you or your husband.

The importance of viewing angle must not be neglected because it can make watching TV harmful for you and all your family members. Hanging your TV on a fixed TV mount is not a wise approach, especially if you have kids and elderly family members living with you.

The perfect solution for you is the Mounting Dream Full Motion TV mount which lets you set the viewing angle for every situation. By hanging your TV on this strong and solid mount, you can watch TV while sitting on the couch or the floor without damaging your eye-sight or bearing constant and severe headaches.

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