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Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Mount with Swivel, Titling and Leveling (32”-55”)

Advantages of TV Mount

Mounting your TV at the perfect angle is essential for optimal viewing. Ideal viewing angles are not just necessary for maintaining healthy eyesight, but for a comfortable experience as well. Ideally, when you are sitting on a sofa, your eyes are about 42 inches from the floor, which makes 42 inches a perfect height for mounting your TV.

However, you don’t always sit on a couch while watching TV. Sometimes, you may sit on the floor, or you may prefer lying down on your sofa. Before deciding which wall mount would suit your needs, you first have to analyze how you use your TV daily.

If you perform exercises regularly, you may want your TV at an angle that makes viewing easy from the floor. Or if you have kids at home and you prefer watching their favorite cartoons while sitting on the floor with them, you may prefer an entirely different angle to watch TV. In such instances, a TV mount that allows you to adjust the angle and position of your TV would be ideal for you.

Mounting Dreams Full Motion TV mount can be swiveled, tilted, and leveled as per your needs. Whether you are sitting on the couch, or are lying flat on the floor, your TV will always be at an angle that suits you. With articulating dual arms, Mounting Dream TV mount is suitable for most flat televisions from 32 inches to 55 inches.

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