Mumbai Police Shared a Message for Pokemon Go Player, In-Turn Gets Trolled by Twitter Users

Ever since Pokémon Go released and took over the gaming world, people’s obsession with the game has caused a bunch of bizarre accidents around the globe. While it hasn’t officially released in India yet, people have found ways to start playing here too.

This Is How Mumbai Police Gets On To The Pokémon Go Bandwagon To Deliver a Strong Relevant Message (2)

Understanding the city’s latest obsession, Mumbai Police, being the cool cats that they are, found a very creative way to warn people about the dangers of Pokemon Go. For quite some time now, Mumbai Police has been running hashtag campaigns that would weed out perpetrators and law breakers, or even as warnings. Their Twitter handle has put out some really funny tweets on road safety over the last few months.

"What we don't know is usually what gets us killed!" Roads have never been the best place to play games! #RoadSafety — Mumbai Police (@MumbaiPolice) July 23, 2016

The Mumbai Police on Sunday posted a GIF in a tweet, warning people to not get distracted while playing the game. As part of road safety campaign, they released a series of on-point tweets talking about it and officials have said that players should choose safer areas away from traffic.

Life is not a game. Especially not one to be played on the roads! #RoadSafety — Mumbai Police (@MumbaiPolice) July 24, 2016

And as expected, Twitter reactions ranges from amusement to support.

wish you could catch criminals like how I catch Pokemons — Pranay Shah (@snpranay) July 24, 2016

you can't catch em all and get away but crush em all and get away — AnngadC (@AnngadC) July 25, 2016

LOL, for a city which can't even stop bikers from riding on the footpath, this looks really lame and uncalled for. 😂😂😂 — Anthony Stephen Mendes (@AnthonyMendes7) July 25, 2016

@CPMumbaiPolice kaha khele.. Phir tumhare police thaane me? Zara tum bhi dekho vaha Pikachu ho?XD — Evil Beard (@EvilBeard1) July 24, 2016